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Whole Leaf Tobacco Handling and Storage Tips for Fronto, Maduro, Havana and Shade Leaf

April 30, 2017

Fronto leaf, Maduro, Havana, Shade leaf? It’s all whole leaf tobacco and in this article I’ll explain the best practices for handling and storage of whole leaf tobacco. In the end I will also provide a link to a handy video tutorial on the handling and storage of whole leaf tobacco.

When you order whole leaf tobacco wholesale by the pound it usually arrives in a bundle of fresh leaves that are somewhat folded up amongst each other. It is shipped it in a plastic bag that has holes poked in it for aeration. The same bag is just fine to use for storage as needed. If you over-wet the leaf just let it dry out a bit before storing in a bag.

In order to fully unravel your fronto leaves from the bundle you will want to lightly spray down the bundle using a cheap water spray bottle from your hardware store. You can also use a moist paper towel to apply moisture to your whole leaf tobacco. Some leaves in the middle of the bundle may still be a little dry in areas. Wetting the fronto leaf is other wise known as reconstituting it… it prepares it for use by bringing the liveliness back to the flesh of the leaf making it pliable and a joy to roll with. My friend compares the tobacco leaf to a sponge, it absorbs moisture nicely and can dry it out, yet it remains ready for use upon re-wetting it. Whatever you do, make sure not to seal your wet leaf in a bag for too long or it may grow mold on it. But it should be okay for short term storage, so you can travel with it or mail it to someone.

Whole leaf tobacco is a value because you can store it for a pretty long time with no degradation. To store it for this long the leaf must be completely dry. As demonstrated in my handy tutorial video (link to video provided in the resource box below), you will notice that when the fronto leaf becomes completely dry it is brittle and breaks apart easily. Mist a dry leaf with water and within 15 or more minutes it will become completely pliable again, as good as new! (in some cases you may need to mist a little bit more, if the leaf was really folded up or into other leaves.) Once it becomes pliable, then you can fold it up and store it in a little ziplock bag or some similar pocket sized type bag.

For long term storage of whole leaf tobacco, make sure it is dry and seal it properly. Store the fronto leaf in a cool, dark and dry place for optimal preservation of quality.

Why do I like whole leaf tobacco and why should you?

The use of Fronto Leaf has been a tradition to West Indian and Caribbean culture as the proper way to roll a cigar. Whole tobacco leaves are the all natural alternative to papers and blunts and commercially produced cigars. Many fine cigar producers of the day are rolling their product up by hand using whole leaf tobacco. Whole leaf tobacco is also unadulterated by the thousands of chemicals that the commercial tobacco companies add to their product.

Firefox for Android

April 29, 2017

Firefox for Android

2014 Firefox for Android 2014 Firefox for Android

IrfanView supports viewing and saving of numerous file types including image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, JP2 & JPM (JPEG2000), PNG (includes the optimizer PNGOUT),TIFF, camera RAW, ECW (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet), EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile), FSH (EA Sports format), ICO (Windows icon), LDF (LuraDocument format), LWF (LuraWave format), PCX (Zsoft Paintbrush), PBM (Portable bitmap), PDF (Portable Document Format), PGM (Portable graymap), PPM (Portable Pixelmap), TGA (Truevision Targa), and viewing of media files such as Flash, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG, MP3, MIDI, and text files. Orbit Downloader is a download manager for Microsoft Windows. One of the main features of the program is its ability to grab and download embedded Flash Videofiles from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc. Orbit Downloader also accelerates downloads by acting as a peer-to-peer client, utilizing bandwidth of other users. The program supports downloading from HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Metalink, RTSP, MMS and RTMP protocols. Orbit Downloader supports Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers. TeamViewer is a computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, and file transfer between computers. It is possible to access a machine running TeamViewer with a web browser. While the main focus of the application is remote control of computers, collaboration and presentation features are included. To connect to another computer, TeamViewer has to be running on both machines. To install TeamViewer administrator access is required, but once installed it can be run by any user.

Google chrome – A browser to improve web application performance Google Chrome aims to be secure, fast, simple and stable. There are extensive differences from its peers in Chrome’s minimalistic user interface, which is atypical of modern web browsers. For example, Chrome does not render RSS feeds. Chrome’s strength is its application performance and JavaScript processing speed, both of which were independently verified by multiple websites to be the swiftest among the major browsers of its time. Many of Chrome’s unique features had been previously announced by other browser developers, but Google was the first to implement and publicly release them. Windows 8 Transformation Pack is is a third-party compilation of programs created to simulate the Windows 8 graphical user interface on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The program effectively simulates Windows 8 for Windows users who like the Windows 8 appearance but do not want to actually install Windows Vista. It does this by adding Windows 8-like themes, wallpapers and visual styles; by installing third-party programs to simulate certain 8 features; and by patching system files. 2014 Firefox for Android

How To Backup And Restore Iphone Contacts

April 29, 2017

Ever or afraid of losing your iPhone contacts because of misoperation? Or ready to change your mobile phone and transfer contacts from your old iPhone to new phone? Or merge the contacts in your iPhone, Google account, yahoo address book, outlook, window address book, and other mobile phones together and import all them again? Or edit your iPhone contacts on your computer even without connecting your iPhone? If you ever had such this and that problems, then you come to the right place. We offer you this mediAvatar iPhone Contact Transfer, with which you can solve all these problems.

Here are the feature highlights of this iPhone contact transfer:
1. Backup your iPhone contact information to computer as specific file, which can be edited on your computer using this program without iPhone, and also can be restored to iPhone contacts.
2. Backup iPhone contacts to .csv or .vCard files. You can export all these contacts to MS Office OutLook, google contacts, Yahoo address book or else.
3. Transfer and restore iPhone contacts from CSV or vCard file, either created by google contacts, yahoo address book, outlook, window address book, or other mobile phones.
4. Transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone indirectly (Export iPhone contacts as backup file then restore to another iPhone ).

For you clarity, I would like to show you how to do these step by step.
1. How to backup iPhone contacts?
1) Backup iPhone contacts as CSV or vCard
This may be the most comon way to backup iPhone contacts, the csv or vCard backup files can be exported to Yahoo Address, google contacts, yahoo address book, outlook, window address book, and other mobile phones for merging or editing further.
Click the “export to csv or vcard” button below the contact list, choose the file type you would like to backup to from the drop-down list that appears, then get the .csv or .vCard backup file.
2) Backup iPhone contacts as mediAvatar’s backup file
Backup iPhone contacts as mediAvatar’s backup file, which can be edited by this software without connecting iPhone
Click “Backup All Contacts to the software” button below the contact list to start backing up your iPhone contacts as mediAvatar’s own backup file.
2. How to restore iPhone contacts?
1) Restore iPhone contacts from CSV or vCard
Click “Import Contacts to Device” button to expand its drop-down list, and choose to import contacts from from CSV or vCard files. It would import those new contacts only.
2) Restore iPhone contacts from mediAvatar’s backup file
Choose the previous mediAvatar’s own iPhone contacts backup file from the left panel on this program, and click “Import Contacts to Device” button to restore iPhone contacts from this backup file. This way would replace all the contacts in your iPhone with the new backup file. So you’d better to make sure you’re doing the right restore.

Iphone Call History Recovery Software To Get Deleted Call Logs Back

April 28, 2017

For those who have an iPhone, personal data is also very important including your call history, notes, text messages, contacts, photos, etc. on your iPhone. By accident or just somhow, you have lost all your call history on iPhone. Situations like “Clean Recent” call logs by mistake, call history erased by iPhone factory restore, broken iPhone, etc. In these cases, your first priority is to recover your call history anyhow. Here are two ways for iPhone call history recovery.

If there is a backup for the call history on iTunes or iCloud, to restore from, that contains the call logs you lost. If you want to restore from the backup, connect your phone to the iTunes. Right-click (or control-click) your iPhone on iTunes under iDevices as well as choose Restore from Backup. Then your deleted or lost call history are back to your phone.

But I don’t have a backup on iTunes! What to do? Don’t worry! Here can be your last shot! iPhone call history recovery software will help you most. It restore your call history back into your iPhone without loosing any further or any previous data. Easily and efficiently you can recover deleted call history from iPhone or get all your lost iPhone call logs back.

Though iPhone has a significant different storage mechanism which differents from other smartphone have the external memory card like Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, Windows Phone 7, nonetheless you can easily recover all your deleted or lost data (for example call logs, notes, texting, contacts, pictures, etc.) by using a third party specific iPhone data recovery software known as Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. I used it to recover deleted call history from iPhone 4s and it worked well. Even though it is a comercial product, it actually works. By the way, it is very easy to use! Just a couple of mouse clicks you can get all your call history back. You are able to download it from

Heres how to recover iPhone call history using iPhone call history recovery software(available for Windows and Mac OS), follow the steps below:
Be Careful: Do not connect or sync your iPhone along with iTunes to avoid data loss.
1. Download and install Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery on your running machine.
2. Open the program and choose on the right backup file for your phone under the iDevice list. Click on “Start Scan”.
3. After the scanning, all your iPhone files like photos, notes, cal history, contacts, SMS messages, etc. will be shown in categories. You can preview any of them before recovery. Then, choose the files you want to recover and click “Recover”.
4. One last thing you need to do is to set a path to Save your recovered content on your computer.

After the recovery, you can import your call history to your iPhone 4/4S/5 again.

If you have time, check out my personal blog to learn more tips and tricks for how to use your iPhone better.

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Amadeus Consulting Discusses HPs webOS and its Impact on Custom App Developers

April 27, 2017

Will there be a Potential Market for App Developers?

When Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 late last year, it came with only a very small app store. For developers with the foresight and ambition to be in the app store on launch day, there was a very large payout. Not only was there very little competition at the beginning, but they retained their “most popular” status for quite some time which kept them ahead of new apps.

Apples iPhone app store and its Mac app store also saw the same thing during the initial launch, and those that got there early often made big money with simple apps and retained their top positions for long periods of time even after superior apps appeared on the market.

Of course with Googles Android 2.0 and 3.0, we saw the same thing there too, and Amazons Android market (which just launched this week) seems positioned for a possible repeat as well. From a developer point of view, this places a lot of trust in platforms ability to attract a consumer market. HPs promise of quickly integrating this into a desktop market provides some incentive of a long term strategy.

However it is obvious from an app design point of view that an app running on the desktop must be different from a mobile version simply because of the interface options. HP has promised to aid with this by making easy integration of multiple input sources (multi-touch, mouse, keyboard), but developers will still need to adapt accordingly. Even so, it sounds promising.

Have an app idea for webOS app? Or even an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7 app? Our custom app development team has developed dozens successful apps for businesses, entrepreneurs and startup companies around the world, and wed love to help you develop your idea too.

Acquire iPhone Motion snap shots- Identify out How to Download iPhone Movies For Positively cost-f

April 26, 2017

Even if you get to the download area, it could potentially be so sluggish, it would not be really worth your time to get explained movie.

Downloading films can be tricky. Just after acquiring anything at all pricy this type of as the Iphone, that is the very last make a difference you want to contend

You download a film and the motion picture just requires place to be one hundred % free of charge. There are a whole lot of webpages that want to do you damage and the trick is to have an understanding of how to circumvent these internet pages to get the most out of your “entertainment middle.” Beneath are 4 pointers to seem at out for as you surf for cool movement snap shots to get pleasure from on the Iphone.

Source: pirated movies online for freeBut, this attain you just did was illegal. Maintain in mind, just simply just for the reason that it’s in opposition to the law to have fake/spoof webpages does not indicate that they aren’t out on the planet wide net.

Whereas it is a bit more difficult to uncover that trustworthy world wide web page these days, it is decent to protect a lookout for client evaluations. Tip One particular- Don’t neglect the outdated stating the grass is greener on the other element? Completely, set this in standpoint. They will hound you with popups and malicious place spyware on your desktop desktop computer. Nevertheless, there is some thing you may want to know. In reality significant-high quality huh?

Tip four- Web internet sites who are legit will give you no cost downloads but for a 1 distinct time admin total price. Essentially invariably these expenses are not exceptionally significantly at all and in reality, will at some point shell out for by by itself extra than time. Don’t you want you could download the movement images inexpensively and most terrific of all for no price? There is a way you just demand persistence and you want to know wherever to glance.

MY BIOGRAPHY is: LAURENCE MILLER, singer-songwriter guitarist: Previously carried out with Sproton Layer, Destroy All Monsters ~ featuring Ron Asheton of The Stooges and Michael Davis of the MC5, Nonfiction, The Empty Set, Larynx Zillion’s Novelty Shop, Gordon Gigantic, and M3. (Brother to; Ben Miller: Sproton Layer, Destroy All Monsters, Nonfiction, 3rd Border, Degeneration, and M3 ~ and Roger Miller: Sproton layer, Mission of Burma, Bird Songs of the Mesozoic, The Alloy Orchestra, Binary Process, and M3.) Laurence has been on a handful of vinyl, CD’s, and compilations as a result of the decades, with a complete variety of tune writing and band experiences each broad and varied; Punk, Alt Pop, Glam, Psychedelic, Comic Lounge, Massive Band, Children’s Music, and Experimental. MELINDA INGALS, keyboards & vocals: Previously carried out with Bay Spot chick-punk bands; Bread & Thunder and Haylady. TONY ARCHER, drums: Previously carried out and co-wrote for Detroit’s Manners at Random, and Gordon Gigantic. KATSUMI NAGAE, bass & vocals: An authentic songwriter executing unplugged solo on acoustic guitar, and an award profitable documentary movie producer (PBS, A2CTN). Band demos posted here give you some considered of MB’s contrasting resources; romance, flights of fancy, and human endurance. Their 1st homespun CD launch is now around completion, with a launch date early 2010. ..

Gadget Gifts – Treasures of Life

April 26, 2017

Gifts have been one of the most wonderful things life has to offer as it portrays happiness, gratitude and also love. No matter what your gift is, your loved ones will always appreciate what you have to offer them as the thought is what matters most in this situation, especially as Christmas is nearing. Gifts bond one to another and also provide an avenue for expressing love and care towards someone. Due to this reason, if you’re thinking of getting something for your loved ones during this festive season, a gift that would surely fit the purpose would be electronic gadgets, especially for the younger generation. Gadget gifts such as gaming consoles are usually some of the most valuable gifts one can receive especially if you’re a child as you’ll find these things appealing. If you’re getting a gaming console for your child, you’ll not only be able to see the spark on his/her face once the present is opened but you’ll also be able to bond with your child by playing some of the games together. This would allow parents to spend time with their children especially if they’re working during the day. Next on the list, would be to get a camera or a camcorder as a gift. These gadgets would be most suitable for grownups or teenagers as these items are valuable in capturing moments that are to be remembered for a lifetime. Although expensive, gifts such as these would certainly make someone happy; moreover it’s not always that you get someone a camera. Besides that, if you’re getting it for your girlfriend or wife, you’ll be benefiting at the same time as all the precious moments you have together can be captured and treasured for life. Finally, one of the best gadget gifts that one could get their loved ones would be a cellular phone as it incorporates all that a person needs such as internet access, a camera and most of all the ability to communicate with others. If you’re a parent always think before getting your children one as you should understand if they really need one or vice versa. This is mainly because at times, cellular phones can be misused and children at times tend to get obsessed with it which may eventually disrupt their studies. Buy a gift that would be suitable, appropriate and needed by that particular person as this shows that you care about how they feel and know what would make them most happy.

At the end, I’d like to share cool website with more information on topics like Gadgets World and Best Gadgets prices. Visit for more details. .

History Of Iphone

April 25, 2017

Apple marketed this Smartphone in an effective way and after four successful ad campaigns, in June Apple released a YouTube advertisement. In this ad all the features including the clear touch-screen are highlighted.

And first iPhone was introduced in January, 2207. Soon after the release of iPhone, Mr. Jobs publicized that all full-time and qualified part-time employees would get a free iPhone which created a buzz around the public. The first model of iPhone were sold at $499.00 for 4GB and for an 8GB phone, it is priced as $599.00. As per the sales report published by AT&T, about 140,000 iPhones were sold in first 7 days.

Soon after their introduction, the 4GB iPhone was gave up its popularity and buyers of 8GB phone demanded a rebate, this happened when the cost of the iPhone were cut down by $200.00. And due to this reason, jobs gave a $100.00 store credit to all customers who purchased iPhone for $599.00.
And in November, apple launched its iPhone in various place, such as United Kingdom and Germany. In the initial stage, the iPhone sold were operated in an contract with AT&T, which resulted in several law suits. Then soon unlocked iPhones are available in various places of the world, such as Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Spain, Canada, Croatia, and other countries.

After so many up and downs, apple introduce a new iPhone model in 2008 and it is named as 3G phone. This model is a perfectly designed model with all attractive features. And in 2009, Apple again launched a new model, the iPhone 3GS.
Now the previous iPhone model that is iPhone 3G was available with 8GB and the price of this model is just $99.00 and 16 GB phone is for $199.00 and the 32 GB phone is for $299.00. Now the whole world is awaiting for the new release of iPhone 4G.

You can get a cheap iPhone that this that will be a used iPhone; but youll not have to compromise with the quality of iPhone used.

iPhone Game Development Delighting Both Developers and Users

April 25, 2017

Apple’s most successful smart device – iPhone has numerous amazing features but the most amusing feature that captures everybody’s attention is the gaming zone. This multimedia enabled smartphone has engaging interface that helps users to undergo the most awesome gaming experience. This has helped game developers in building wonderful iPhone games along with enjoying the development process. iPhone game development is not an easy task for developers as they need to keep in mind the device’s interface along with the limited screen frame.This requires excellent skills and talent. In spite of all these challenging factors, iPhone game development has become a marvelous task for the iPhone game developers because of the popularity of iPhone games among the users.

Normally, iPhone game development process starts with a concept – an idea and then trails down to the intuitive designing and coding, which finally results into a game. With the end of game development stage, starts the next level. This part consists of series of testing and checking of game app. For any game development process, this is the vital part as sometimes issues may come to fore while testing the application. These issues need to be resolved before the final product is handed over to the clients. Therefore, the programmers need to carry on the whole process skillfully and deliver the output after testing for the bugs. This will help to deliver high quality games, which are more interesting, attractive and appealing.

The popularity of iPhone game programming is seen through the huge downloads of game apps by the users. Thus, you can judge the importance of iPhone game development through Apple’s app store, which has thousands of games. This shows that compared to other applications in iPhone, game sector is more popular. The wonderful features of iPhone like accelerometer, multitouch and the amazing graphics give an indelible experience of playing games on iPhone. The talented developers with innovative ideas and excellent development skills use these intriguing properties of the smartphone to offer the most enjoyable games.

Nevertheless, iPhone game programming has given game animation a whole new magnitude. The interactive properties of iPhone have given programmers wider opportunities to show their potentials. Their creative parts have got new avenues and thus, they are enjoying iPhone game development. It is not only the developers but users too are best enjoying iPhone games.

iPhone game development is really amusing not only for developers as they enjoy building apps but also for users as they can enjoy playing games on iPhone that offers so many amazing features.


Benefits To Obtaining Your Business Degree

April 24, 2017

The MIS degree, also referred to as a management information systems degree is a field which combines business and information systems. Generally in most companies, the pc exists to serve the business in making revenue. If it wasn’t for the business, then there’d be no reason to have an IT dept. in anyway. Employment in MIS that assist the business combine technology and business contain management analysts, project managers, and business intelligence analysts.

This field is quite different to degrees that are totally technical in nature such as computer science and computer programming. With technical fields, there is very little or no consideration for the business. Because of this, it has become really attractive for most companies to outsource purely technical fields such as programming since all that you need is learning a computer programming language. The MIS degree helps to include adequate value within an employee to keep him from becoming outsourced.

To complete a management information systems degree, the first thing to look for is what kind of college degree is wanted. Dependent upon the college, there will probably be an option to get a 2 year associate degree as well as a 4 year bachelor’s degree. Sometimes, there might be a graduate master’s degree available also. For example, a career changer who currently holds a bachelor’s degree should most likely go for a master’s degree in MIS.

Coursework in a MIS degree usually includes a large selection of courses from the business department for instance accounting, business administration, and management. There are usually courses that are more technical as well such as computer databases, computer programming, and information technology. In other words, it is a combined degree with both business and computer courses. These classes supply students with all the skills to become knowledgeable leaders in information technology. This mixture of having both disciplines helps to make the MIS student a sought after individual in the eyes of their employer.

The management information systems degree is more resistant to outsourcing. The key reason why outsourcing is really thriving inside information technology happens because a lot of professions include merely one skill, which are generally technical. Programmers are usually at risk from this phenomenon. Nonetheless, people who major in MIS are nowhere near as vulnerable. The reason behind this is because they normally are frontrunners in the information technology department as opposed to coders that have counterparts in Asia that can perform exactly the same job for far less.

The jobs which are much more secure include project managers, director, business systems analyst, and any job that has almost anything to do with business intelligence program. These people need to review the information that’s being produced by the computer. Which is not something which can be outsourced which includes a high degree of consistent quality?

One of the questions generally asked is exactly what kind of person would benefit from a management information systems degree. One kind of person can be someone who is already interested in technology. That individual might still be able to search hard into computer related subjects such as databases while gaining the information and skills necessary to comprehend the business simultaneously. This MIS degree would allow that person to acquire worth over and above their very own specialized expertise.

Another kind of person suitable for MIS will be someone that desired to go in to business. The merging of technology with business is allowing for businesses to become a whole lot more advanced getting gross sales and revenue. Information makes it much simpler to figure out just what goods to sell and how to get it done. Without having MIS, it becomes extremely tough to respond to questions such as exactly what height of shelf to put grocery products which are not selling very well. With MIS, the student can easily leverage his understanding in technology and business to assist the company brings in more money.