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Decorating Your Home in Black

July 31, 2017

In the closet of even the most cheerful person, you can find a lot of black things suits, ties, cocktail dresses and more. Yet no optimist turned pessimist because of this. But not everyone will risk doing their interior in black. Black color can be used in the interior. Its just important to know in what doses.

What color goes best with black? If you prefer not flashy calm interiors, you can combine it with different shades of gray. This can create either cold or warm feeling depending on different textures and tones. In the rooms intended for rest (bedrooms), it is better not to use the powerful contrasts of black with red, yellow or orange. To add some intrigue to the interior dim the bright color with the help of white and black.

It should be noted that in the Eastern cultures black color is a symbol of kindness, purity and perfection. In Japan, this color is a symbol of nobility and experience. To avoid completely shocking people, designers introduced black color in doses. You can see for yourself that black tile is no worse than white. And black Murano glass chandelier is a masterpiece. Finally, the designers did grow bolder and began to introduce the black color everywhere. No one is surprised by the black hardware, furniture, kitchenware and black floors.

Interior Finishing

Did you ever notice that expensive watches and jewelry are often wrapped in black velvet? The thing is that black is the perfect background that allows you to focus your attention on the most important detail. In a similar manner painting walls black or using black wallpaper will help you achieve elegant interior. But stay away from doing all walls in black. One wall or even a small portion is going to be more than enough. Bright or white furniture will almost literally shine with this kind of background. To sum it all up: “Black walls look very nice”.

If you are still not ready to such a dramatic change it might be easier to make floors black. Floorings in dark wood always look noble and respectable, especially if you cover them with yacht varnish. Lacquered herringbone parquet is an equally good solution. However, you should remember that even tiny bits of dust will be visible on this floor. You can also use black laminate, carpet or black tile.


Black color has one unique feature – it is the best color to create contrast. You do not need to buy only black furniture. It may even be a separate black object mounted in the center of the room. But it will continue to draw views.


Black looks great in decor items and accessories. Black glass chandeliers can quite literally catch the eyes with its mysterious look. Select black mirror frames, flower stands and candle holders to match. The black vase will look great on light colored furniture and black tableware will help with a fresh kitchen interior.

The Advantages Of Flash Memory For Data Storage

July 30, 2017

One of the biggest advances in terms of computer storage and transfer of data is flash memory. Today we use flash memory in a number of different ways, from portable USB drives to storage facilities used by digital cameras. Flash memory has become so powerful, so fast and so large as far as volume is concerned that it has even been used in some digital video cameras, and as external portable hard drives.

There are several good reasons why flash memory represents an important and advantageous step forward for data storage, retrieval and transfer. To begin with, flash memory does not rely on any moving parts. Unlike hard disks, CDs, floppy disks, zip disks and tapes or cartridges, flash memory does not rely on any moving or mechanical means by which data can be stored and retrieved.

This is important because whenever any system relies upon moving parts in some way, there is the danger of failure. Moving parts break down, damage, fail and become worn out and in need of replacement. If this happens at an important time it can spell disaster, losing data completely or at least causing severe delays and inconvenience. There is no moving part of mechanism in the world that is not inevitably subject to deterioration and damage.

With data transfer and mobile technology increasingly popular and important in today’s digitize culture, this becomes even more important. Carrying about disks, moving drives and other methods of data storage that require mechanical or physical parts, there is always the danger of damage.

Even inside your computer at home there is a danger. The head that reads the data encoded on a hard disk sits just a tiny fraction of a millimetre above the disk itself. The disk is spinning at thousands of revolutions a minute, with this head so close that a single particle of dust could not fit between the head and the disk. Yet, if this head were to come into contact with the disk, both would be trashed in seconds. Now think about how many times your computer is shoved about and moved whilst the disk is running. Perhaps you need to move the computer to access a port or socket at the back.

When it comes to laptops, the danger becomes even greater, with the same hard disk technology at work inside, but a far greater risk of the laptop being moved, knocked or even dropped.

Because flash memory has no moving parts, you can shake it, drop it and generally abuse it without any significant danger of the data being wiped or corrupted in any way., The only danger facing the data on flash memory storage is magnetic. A strong magnetic field could corrupt the data, but since it is unlikely that you will be coming into contact with such a strong field, you can easily go about your daily life with data stored on a USB stick in your pocket quite safely.

With the cost of flash memory coming down, and storage volumes continually increasing, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to flash memory to store, transport, carry or access data quickly and reliably, whether on the move, in the office or at home.

Funwebproducts Spyware Removal – How To Remove Funwebproducts Spyware From Your Computer

July 30, 2017

FunWebProducts has a history of releasing free software that is laced with potentially harmful adware programs. Spyware and adware infections are something that you need to take seriously, and you should be scanning and cleaning your system regularly to prevent threats.

In this brief article, we’ll be discussing the steps necessary for removing FunWebProducts spyware from your PC. If you’re not comfortable removing these files manually, I’ll make a recommendation at the end of this article for a program that will do it automatically for you.

So why should be so concerned about adware and spyware? In short, these programs violate your privacy! Spyware programs can collect your personal information, web surfing habits, and more. They can also wreak havoc on your computer performance by changing computer settings, altering browser functions, and more.

How to remove FunWebProducts spyware:

Step 1: Backup your computer before making any changes.

Step 2: Do a Windows file search for “funwebproducts”

Step 3: Access the Windows Task Manager and remove all FunWebProducts processes

Step 4: Edit the Windows registry to remove all instances of FunWebProducts

Step 5: Access the Windows command prompt, then delete and unregister all FunWebProducts DLL files

Hopefully this brief article has given you the information needed to remove this nasty threat from your personal computer. As I mentioned earlier, manually editing and removing system files on your PC isn’t for everyone, so if you’re not exactly comfortable doing so I would strongly recommend downloading a special program that will do it for you automatically. This will keep your system running smoothly as it will remove spyware currently found on your computer, and keep new threats from causing issues in the future.

Is Android Better Than Iphone

July 29, 2017

Is Android much better than iPhone, the latest debate among customers. We also shall possess a take a look at 10 issues Android does much better than iPhone and argue which platform is better.

After its introduction within the customer market, Apple iPhone has taken the world by storm. An additional strong contender in the area of smartphones was quickly launched, that goes from the name Android. The one telephone that may match as much as the functions of iPhone, is probably the 1 that uses an Android platform. There are many loyalists who nonetheless discover iPhone hundred times better than an Android. Yet, those who use Android (including me) find it a tad better than iPhone. Android vs iPhone, a brand new burning argument has begum around the world. In the event you also are questioning ‘is Android better than iPhone’ then welcome aboard. The following paragraphs will cover some reasons that will assist you to discover why is Android much better than iPhone.

Is Android Better than iPhone OS

Many people who go for Android do so because it’s a platform that is similar to iPhone, but comes totally free. This means, those who cannot manage an iPhone or do not wish to get in to the contract mess, favor buying an Android telephone. Many customers love trying out new apps and customize their phone appears. They may favor an Android as Beta products provides incredible outcomes on this platform. Because the time it has been introduced, Android has developed to offer much better functionality to the consumer. The Android market today, features of a large number of great programs that users can set up on their telephone. Aside from becoming cheaper than iPhone, there are many factors which have added fuel to the Android vs iPhone debate. Allow us possess a take a look at 10 things that Android does much better than iPhone.

Why is Android Better than iPhone OS

As we continue our debate on why is Android much better than iPhone, it is important to possess a look at the functions. You will find 10 issues that Android does better than iPhone. And these aren’t just things, but some include extremely essential functions that type the primary cause of buying a smartphone. Let us possess a look at the factors that will assist you to comprehend why is Android much better than iPhone OS.

1. Flexibility to Select Carrier
The very first cause that helps answer that is much better: iPhone or Android, is flexibility to choose your carrier. Those that want to buy an iPhone, need to obtain right into a contract with AT&T. Whether you like it or not, you have to survive on AT&T as your network carrier. The only way you can get freedom is either wait for 2 years to complete your agreement with AT&T (till then your version of iPhone will be outdated as new version might have got launched), jailbreak an iPhone or move to an additional part of the globe. With an Android, you have the freedom to select your carrier. You can change your mobile quantity or carrier anytime you please.

2. Removable Accessories
An iPhone comes with a sealed battery that might trigger a bit of inconvenience. Questioning how? Well, in case your battery begins to drain out also fast or has some problems, you’ll require to ship the entire telephone back to Apple for diagnosis and repair. This indicates, till you don’t get your iPhone back, you are cut out from the telecommunication world to some extent. In case of Androids, in the event you come across any battery problems all you require to do is purchase a brand new battery and send your old battery for repair. Thus, you still have your phone in hand and get the problem solved.

3. Expandable Memory
When you purchase an iPhone, you have the choice of 8GB, 16GB and 32 GB. However, you may think of buying a 8 GB model and then realize that 16 GB suited you the best. There is no external memory slot thus, you end up with a 8 GB model. In case of Android, there is an external micro SD slot provided along with the phone’s built-in memory. In the event you run out of space, you can quickly expand memory in your Android.

4. Multiple Programs
1 of the 10 issues Android does better than iPhone is allows multiple programs to run simultaneously. This is regardless of the fact whether these apps are downloaded from Android Marketplace or are system apps. The multi tasking feature in iPhone is really a bit difficult as it offers limited number of applications to run simultaneously. This means if you are an Android user you can listen to your favorite songs, receive notifications, check your mail, etc. all at once without closing any of the previous apps. Multitasking is still not very fluid when it arrives to iPhone as well as with the latest iPhone 4G.

5. Customizable Home Screen Widgets
1 of my personal favorite functions on my Android is the customizable home screen. Android allows you to keep all your apps accessible and on your fingertips. You can place small widgets and shortcuts to your favorite programs on the home screen. This reduces the time taken to locate a particular app within the folders. In case of iPhone, you need to first search for the application inside the folders, then launch the application to use it. All I require to do with my Android is use a single finger swipe and enjoy my application right from the home screen.

6. Notifications on a Platter
In the event you are an iPhone user, you will require to navigate through the programs and open them in order to obtain a glimpse of the newest notifications. For example, a Facebook user will have to open the application and take a take a look at the newest notifications. This is because iPhone lacks the feature of multitasking and requires one to navigate through the various apps. Android users are lucky. They get an icon for every notification received from Facebook, Twitter, email, even messages and missed calls. You can even view your notifications from a locked screen without having to unlock your telephone.

7. Integrate Your Virtual Life
If you are heavily involved with social networking sites or carry out most of your business transactions with the help of your email ids, then this is one feature that you’ll love. Integration of Google as well as social networking sites is one reason that answers why is Android better than iPhone. You can integrate your Gmail account, Facebook account, even Flickr on your telephone. Once you sync your account with your Android phone, you can view all your contacts along with their email addresses, profile images and telephone numbers in your contact folders. Thus, if you are searching for that extremely essential email address of a client, all you require to do, is go through your list of contacts and scroll down to the person you are searching for. In his personal information, discover his email address that you require. This feature is possible with an iPhone. The catch is you need to download a third party software to be able to do so. In the event you don’t have this iPhone application, you can’t integrate your online accounts with your telephone.

8. Money Saver
The first thing that will come to your mind about an iPhone is the price tag. iPhone 3G costs about $US99 and arrives with a 2 year agreement. If you update it to 3GS, then you pay a whooping $199. But, in the event you go for an Android, you can choose any carrier you want along with a plan that suits your pocket. And most of the carriers are free from the 2 year contract.

9. Open Source
Which is much better Android or iPhone in terms of system? No doubt iPhone is no much less than Android, but Android is an open source system. This indicates developers can access Android source and upload more applications. Thus, numerous telephone companies can customize their Android system according to their preferences. When it comes down to iPhone, open source community is really a far fetched dream. You can read information on Android app reviews for a better idea.

10. Market
And finally, another reason why Android is better than iPhone is really a better application market. There are over 70, 000 applications available within the Android Marketplace. The Android market is customer oriented and therefore the best apps win the race. Whereas, Apple tends to filter the best apps and then serve them to consumers. Censor factor is more stringent with Apple, that makes the possibilities limited. You can find more information related to Android marketplace vs App store.

As you can see from the above argument on, is Android much better than iPhone, there are lots of consumer friendly functions that make the former much better than the later OS. If you are questioning, is iPhone better than Android, then I can come up with a list that will show you what makes iPhone a much better contender. Nevertheless, I shall cover pointers on – is iPhone much better than Android some other time. I am an Android consumer myself and have loved this user friendly platform. Without being biased, I have to say, iPhone too has many USPs that make it worth every buck. In the event you are questioning which is much better – Android or iPhone, then you most likely should comprehend your needs and budget first. Then decide for yourself and discover the pros and cons for Android vs iPhone. Whichever you select, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Amusing Gaming Experience With Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

July 28, 2017

With the high end technology, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has many remarkable features like 5 mega pixel camera, 32 GB memory support, a 4.0 inch touch screen and much more. It also supports 3D games running with a powerful processor. Android 2.0 OS generate a user friendly experience to the consumers with exciting game applications. This smartphone allows the users to download more games and applications from the store. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is the first playstation certified mobile phone designed for game lovers with slide out gaming pad. The multitasking option of the OS helps running multiple programs so that users can play games, receive calls, emails and much more functions without any delay. The playstation buttons in the slide out game pad can be operated using thumbs which gives the users a fantastic game time with long lasting battery.

Xperia Play has an entertaining music player with speakers, faster web browsing with zoom option and also a front facing camera which adds much to its elegance. Exclusive deals are available with Sony Ericsson Xperia Play like the contract deals which give you the smartphone for free by paying a small amount per month for duration of 18 to 24 months. Along with this, the contract pay monthly deals offer you free minutes, unlimited texts and automatic cash back. Some other smarter deals are also available like pay as you go and simfree deals. Vodafone, Orange and many other top network providers offer you cheap deals with free gifts and cash back.

Pay as you go deals on all UK networks are available online and you can select one based upon the network you like. Simfree deals allow you to use any network so that the problem of getting tied to a particular network can be avoided. You can unlock the Xperia Play using the unlock codes which makes you access other networks. Many extraordinary features are designed with fun filled games to allow the users enjoy more by unlocking this smartphone. You never need any specific software to unlock the Xperia Play. Instead certain unlock codes are delivered to you on ordering your phone within an hour.

Various options are available with the purchase of unlock codes for this elegant smartphone in reasonable prices. Compare for the different exclusive deals for the purchase of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and opt for the best suitable deal so that you can experience the fun world of games with this exquisite handset. Getting unlock code is made easier through email and so just unlock the Xperia Play, get access to whatever network you wish and enjoy the fantastic applications designed much specially for you. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is much certain to provide all the benefits users would expect in addition to the enthusiastic mobile games to make the users enter an enchanting world of fun.

Smartphone Baby Monitors – Common Misunderstandings

July 27, 2017

What exactly are smartphone baby monitors, and how do they work? There are several popular misconceptions and misunderstandings about smartphone monitors, and so in this article I’ll be taking a look at some of them, and making it easier for parents to know what to look out for.

First of all, what exactly is a smartphone baby monitor? Years ago the traditional baby monitor included two parts. One part was the sensor unit which was placed in your child’s nursery, and which transmitted the audio from the nursery, a video feed from the built in camera, and possibly other information such as the temperature of the room.

The second part was the receiving unit which was carried by the parent. This unit received the data from the one in the nursery, broadcasting the sound, displaying the temperature and providing live footage from the nursery camera.

Today however smartphone technology has allowed for this second unit to be replaced with a smartphone instead. This makes a lot of sense, because if you have a unit in the nursery which is transmitting audio, video and data, what better way of receiving and viewing that data than with a modern mobile phone?

Not only this, but it’s a lot more convenient for the parent. Most of us carry our smartphones with us wherever we go anyway, and they’re usually small, slim and lightweight enough to be extremely portable. Many of the receiving units for baby monitors were a good deal larger, bulkier and heavier, and there seems little point carrying two devices around when one of them can do the job of both anyway.

One of the common misconceptions people have is that you have to use an iPhone. Certainly an Apple iPhone will work extremely well as part of this sort of monitoring system, and in fact iPads can also be used. But there’s absolutely no reason to assume that such technology is limited to Apple devices. Android phones will also be able to use baby monitoring devices too, and almost every type of smartphone today will be able to take advantage of this technology.

Another popular myth is that such a system is hard to set up, especially compared to most other types of baby monitor systems. In fact this couldn’t be more wrong, and many people have found that smartphone baby monitors are easier to set up than anything.

The manufacturer of these devices will also have made and published a free app which you can download to your phone, and which will then connect to your sensor monitor in your child’s nursery. It will do this by using your existing wireless network. If you can download and install Angry Birds, you can set up and install a smartphone monitoring system!

A third assumption often made is that you have to be connected to your home wireless network in order to be able to view your baby, hear them, or even talk to them through the device in their nursery. In fact one of the great advantages with these devices is that you can be anywhere in the world, and still be able to see your little one, hear their little gurgles, and talk to them so that they can hear your voice whilst resting in their cot.

All you need is an internet connection. The app installed on your phone will provide you with a completely secure and completely private connection to the monitor in your child’s nursery, so that if you need to be away on a business trip, you’ll still be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from seeing and hearing your child is safe, well and happy.

How To Build A Better World Say No To Bad Software

July 26, 2017

Software glitches are making it to the headlines apart from causing considerable and in some cases catastrophic losses to organizations. Information of millions of user accounts of several reputed organizations was exposed to unauthorized access. Vulnerabilities of IT systems that handle large scale databases have been exploited. Flawed online financial transactions led to losses running into millions of dollars. Automobiles of some of the reputed manufacturers were recalled to contain software defects.

While it is true that #software runs many critical operations, it is increasingly being observed that #badsoftware ruins operations as well as the associated investments and reputations.

On one hand, the IT ecosystem is heading towards a convergence brought about by cloud, social media and mobile applications. On the other hand, the rising complexities are giving birth to a whole new breed of defects.
So what is bad software? Simple, any software that fails to meet the projected requirements and succumbs to unpleasant outcomes brought on by ineffective #testing.

In the struggle to meet stringent timelines and quality requirements, there is a possibility of oversights on minor defects that might lie dormant but can disrupt the entire system when triggered. In addition, the challenges brought on by Big Data expand the volume, variety and velocity that need to be consolidated and managed to ensure smooth operations.

Defects that crop up during conventional testing offer moderate assurance. It is the invisible, inherent and merging defects that throw surprises along the SDLC. In a global economy that is dotted by widely adopted devices, Business environment specific SOAs and APIs and a gigantic spectrum of end users, thefuture of the outcomes depends on #softwaretesting.

The major components of an IT system in a new age business environment include OEMs, OSs, Platforms, Enterprise Applications, telecommunications, firewalls, websites, cloud and social media. As enterprises align these components with business logic, stakeholders need to make decisions on people, process and #technology.

As a result of the increasing demand of independent software testing, the existing array of #testingtools and practices are being followed by a whole new breed of innovations. But technology cannot differentiate between Good and Bad Software. It is done by the human intellect by collaboration, coordination and continuous assessment.

To ensure and maintain high standards of quality, applications and software need to be empowered with

Resilience A combination of customized reports and Test automation that can the source, location and potential impact of the defects to implement contingencies.

Reliability Real time and emulated simulation of production environment to assess the operation of the components in an outcome based model

Speed Deployment of reusable, scalable and flexible components to handle enormous workloads, repetitive test cases and disparate technologies/processes.

Accuracy Precision guided test processes that align technology and business logic with measurable assessments canned into metrics that match the business environment.
Cigniti Technologi
es is the Worlds 3rd largest Independent Software Testing Services Company, headquartered in Dallas, TX. Cignitis test offerings include TCoE, Enterprise Mobility Testing, Testing on Cloud, Big Data Testing, Functional, Automation, Security and Performance Testing services. Over the last 15 years, Cigniti has helped Enterprises and ISVs across verticals build quality software while improving time to market and reducing cost of quality.

Directv Trusts On Spot-beam Technology To Retransmit More Local Channels

July 26, 2017

It’s important to note that satellite has been less successful in carrying local channels than the traditional cable system has. This shows some distinction between presenting local signals on a national satellite platform versus a local cable television system.

A normal cable tv provider simply collects over-the-air transmission signals from the surrounding area and broadcasts those signals to its subscribers. Therefore, a cable TV system usually retransmits ten to fifteen transmission signals at a time. DirecTV should retransmit more local channels from a single satellite constellation; the satellite works like the cable TV transmission office. Now-a-days, simultaneously, DirecTV retransmits the signals of more than 1000 local channels. This needs a massive quantity of capacity and this has been the most important engineering challenge DirecTV has faced over the past couple of years.

DirecTV came across this challenge by utilizing the spot-beam technology. First, DirecTV has launched spot-beam satellites that produced extra capability by reusing spectrum in various geographic areas. The CONUS-beam satellites have a single, multi-frequency footprint that focuses the complete area of the United States. At the same time as CONUS satellites are exceptional for retransmitting national programming, employing those satellites to retransmit local transmission programming is a very extravagant use of spectrum. Obviously, if one was trying to retransmit local channels in all markets all over the country through CONUS satellites, the capability on the satellites would rapidly be drained leaving petite, if any space for national cable programming. In contrast with the CONUS-beam satellites, spot-beam satellites are good enough for the retransmission of local transmission signals. This is possible, because, instead of looking the complete United States with a more number of transponders, the spot-beam satellites cover multiple, separate areas, each with only one or two transponders. Thus, the spot-beam satellites allow the geographic reuse of satellite frequencies. By looking separate and non-overlapping geographic areas, the spot-beams of the satellites can achieve much the same thing.

Secondly, the other technology employed to boost the capacity is compression, which is a technique for mathematically manipulating data to get rid of superfluous and unnecessary bits. During the early 1990s, the compression rates were approximately 5:1. However, now-a-days, for SD TV signals, the compression rates are normally between 11:1 and 12:1, and further developments are going on. DirecTV satellites possess a spot beam accompanying two transponders covering the area close to Washington, DC. By 12:1 compression, the retransmission of all the 12 analog broadcast stations of Washington in SD format can be achieved at the same time leaving extra capacity to carry the local signals in the other markets covered by the same spot beam. However, if DirecTV does not use compression for transmission, it would require a complete transponder to every station.

The capacity of a satellite operator to retransmit the local transmission signals in a specific market is not depends on how many transponders the satellite operator employs; however, it is important that how many transponders are obtainable in the spot beam covering that market. It is also essential that how much the satellite operator is proficient to compress the transmission signal at the same time maintaining the quality of the signal.

Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software

July 25, 2017

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Iphone 4 Cases What’s The Best Case For Your Iphone 4

July 24, 2017

A whole bunch of iPhone 4 case varieties are out there on the market making your choice of the best one difficult. The iPhone 4 cases are a very important accessory, most importantly because the moment you begin to use your iPhone 4, it is subject to dust, scratches, accidental bumps and all other usual wear and tear. In order to prevent all these from affecting your precious little gadget, it is important that you wrap your iPhone in one of the many iPhone 4 cases available on the market these days.

But the variety of iPhone 4 cases is simply magnificent. Of course, one can turn the tables towards oneself. The variety lends itself very useful if you know which iPhone 4 case would fit your iPhone best, both in terms of durability as well as style.

To begin with, the market competition has led to a severe reduction of price of these accessories. Most of them ship for less than 3 or 4 GBP making it one of the cheapest and easily accessible iPhone 4 accessories. There are several cheap iPhone cases that are not merely cheap but also quite effective in protecting your iPhone 4 from dust, scratches etc.

The most professional of all these would be the leather cases. The iPhone leather cases are very effective in giving maximum protection to your iPhone. They are quite professional-looking and impart a highly standard looks to your mobile. The cases come in various colors and designs so you have the choice of personalization. The iPhone Aluminum cases are also a great breed of iPhone 4 cases. The shiny metallic look that they boast of comes as a great way to spice up the looks of your iPhone besides offering it a decent level of protection from dust and scratches.

There are other great varieties of the iPhone cases too. The most famous of them all would probably be the iPhone 4 jelly case. The greatness about the iPhone 4 jelly case is that it is made up of high-quality material and comes in highly vivid and colorful variations that it surely gives your iPhone 4 a cool look.

The other variety that has been doing great on the market is the iPhone 4 Bumper case. This is yet another variation, which comes as a high-grade rubber case for your iPhone. Both these cases can be qualified as the best and cheap iPhone cases. These iPhone 4 cases are easily available on the market and protect your iPhone thoroughly. They also add grip to your iPhone 4, and protect the corners of the device.

In short, the best case for your iPhone 4 would be the one that has a good, sturdy design, which is light-weight too and imparts style and looks to your iPhone 4.