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Led Lights The History Of This Emerging Technology

August 24, 2017

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were an accidental discovery at first. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was discovered that when electricity was applied to the semiconductor Silicon Carbide (SiC) it produced a light. This light was too dim to be of any use so the research was never distributed. This could have been the end for the LED, but it wasnt content to die out.

Nearly 20 years later Russian and German scientists revisited the idea of light produced this way. The light was still of such poor luminance that the idea nearly died again. A report published in 1936, which helped to invent the term electroluminescence, revived the research for light from this source. The science of electroluminescence languished in obscurity for a while. It began to gain favor again in the 1950s when some British scientists started experimenting with it again. This led to the first infrared LED. From this technology came the first visible spectrum LED, in red, from Gallium Phosphide (GaP).

This was the start of the LED revolution. From that point each decade brought advances in the technology of light-emitting diodes. The use of different substrates brought brighter lights of different colors. The colors advanced from red to orange and on to pale green, then yellow and on to a brighter green. By the 1990s the use of Gallium Nitride helped usher in the era of blue LEDs. These blue lights became the basis for white light. The use of fluorescent phosphors helped change that blue light into high intensity white lights. Now LEDs can be found in almost every visible color of light.

This technology has led to additional uses for the LED as well. Due to their low light output they started out in indicator lights and display light applications only. The cost of materials was an issue at first and, therefore, they were used only in expensive laboratory and test equipment. They later began to be used in appliances, calculators and watches. The advent of additional colors increased their use in displays. They could be used in signs and digital display equipment.

The first LED flat panel television prototype was produced in 1977, by James P. Mitchell. This prototype was a red, monochromatic display. Later, in the 1990s, low-cost, efficient blue LEDs emerged moving this use along. Once a full spectrum of colors was realized in the late 1990s the flat panel LED television became a fully functional and popular option.

As the LED technology advanced and the luminescence increased, the uses for LEDs increased. LEDs began popping up in devices used to illuminate areas. Flashlights, landscape lighting, and other lighting sources became popular. Emergency lights began to use this technology. Traffic lights were replaced with LEDs. Interior lighting and headlights in vehicles became a common home for these lights, as well. As the cost of producing the lights decreased, and the availability of colors and brightness increased, the uses exploded.

From an accidental discovery to a common household name, the history of LEDs is a long one. The early discovery and limited uses of the light-emitting diode did not show much promise. Very few early researchers would probably have predicted the many, varied uses for this technology. The LED certainly earned its prominent spot in todays society.

~Ben Anton, 2007

Custom Camera Applications Development Using Iphone Sdk

August 23, 2017

iPhone contains many useful features. One of them is build-in camera and Camera application system for making photos. It looks great but what about camera usage with native applications? iPhone SDK provides the capability of using camera through UIImagePickerController class. That’s great but there is a small disadvantage – you cannot create a full-screen persistent “live” camera view like the Camera application does. Instead of that you should use UIImagePickerController only in modal mode – show the pop-up modal view when you need a photo and close the view after the photo is made. You have to reopen this view again to take the next one.

Moreover, that modal view contains additional panels and controls that overlay the camera view. Another disadvantage is – you cannot take a photo in one touch; you need to touch the Shoot button to take a picture and preview it, and then you need to touch the Save button to get the photo for processing. Probably it’s the best practice but I don’t like it and I hope you think the same way.

What about using the UIImagePickerController as an ordinal non-modal view controller under the navigation controller the same way as we use the other view controllers? Try it and you will found that it works! The camera view works and looks as it should. You can assign a delegate and process UIImagePickerControllerDelegate events to get and save the photo. Ok, touch the Shoot button, touch the Save button – great, you’ve got the photo! But just look at this – the Retake and Save buttons stay above the camera view, and they don’t work now when they are touched… This is because you cannot reset the view to take another photo after taking one and touching the Save button, the view is freezed and the buttons are disabled. It seems you need to fully recreate the UIImagePickerController instance to take another photo. That’s not so simple and not so good. And you still need to use the panels and buttons that overlay the camera view…

Now I have an idea! When we touch Shoot, the view stops refreshing and displays single image from the camera; then we have to touch Retake or Save button. Can we get that image and save it without using the UIImagePickerControllerDelegate and then touch the Retake button programmatically to reset the view and get another photo? Sure we can! If you explore the camera views hierarchy after touching Shoot you will find that there is a hidden view of ImageView type. This class is not described in the SDK, but we can explore its’ methods using Objective-C capabilities. We can see that the class contains a method called imageRef. Let’s try this… Yes, it returns CGImage object! And the image size is 1200 x 1600 – it’s definitely the camera picture!

Ok, now we know we can get the photo without UIImagePickerControllerDelegate. But in what moment should we do this? Can we catch the user touches on the Shoot button to start processing? It’s possible but not so good. Do you remember our main purpose – creating the persistent full-screen camera view like system Camera application does? It’s time to do it! When we explored the views hierarchy, we’ve found that there are number of views above the camera view. We can try to hide these views and create our own button below the camera view to take the photo in one touch. But how can we force the camera view to make the photo? It’s very simple – we can get the corresponding selector from the Shoot button and call it from our action handler!

Ok, we’ve forced getting the image. But it takes us few seconds. How can we detect that the image is ready? It occurred when the Cancel and Shoot buttons are replaced by Retake and Save ones. The simplest way to detect this is starting a timer with short interval and checking the buttons. And then we can get and save the photo, using the corresponding selector from the Retake button and calling it to reset the camera view and prepare it for making a new one. Here is the code:

// Shot button on the toolbar touched. Make the photo.
– (void)shotAction:(id)sender {
[self enableInterface:NO];
// Simulate touch on the Image Picker’s Shot button
UIControl *camBtn = [self getCamShutButton];
[camBtn sendActionsForControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside];

// Set up timer to check the camera controls to detect when the image
// from the camera will be prepared.
// Image Picker’s Shot button is passed as userInfo to compare with current button.
[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:0.2 target:self selector:@selector(savePhotoTimerFireMethod:) userInfo:camBtn repeats:NO];

// Return Image Picker’s Shoot button (the button that makes the photo).
– (UIControl*) getCamShutButton {

UIView *topView = [self findCamControlsLayerView:self.view];
UIView *buttonsBar = [topView.subviews objectAtIndex:2];
UIControl *btn = [buttonsBar.subviews objectAtIndex:1];

return btn;

// Return Image Picker’s Retake button that appears after the user pressed Shoot.
– (UIControl*) getCamRetakeButton {

UIView *topView = [self findCamControlsLayerView:self.view];
UIView *buttonsBar = [topView.subviews objectAtIndex:2];
UIControl *btn = [buttonsBar.subviews objectAtIndex:0];

return btn;

// Find the view that contains the camera controls (buttons)
– (UIView*)findCamControlsLayerView:(UIView*)view {

Class cl = [view class];
NSString *desc = [cl description];
if ([desc compare:@”PLCropOverlay”] == NSOrderedSame)
return view;

for (NSUInteger i = 0; i
UIView *subView = [view.subviews objectAtIndex:i];
subView = [self findCamControlsLayerView:subView];
if (subView)
return subView;

return nil;

// Called by the timer. Check the camera controls to detect that the image is ready.
– (void)savePhotoTimerFireMethod:(NSTimer*)theTimer {

// Compare current Image Picker’s Shot button with passed.
UIControl *camBtn = [self getCamShutButton];
if (camBtn != [theTimer userInfo])
// The button replaced by Save button – the image is ready.
[self saveImageFromImageView];

// Simulate touch on Retake button to continue working; the camera is ready to take new photo.
camBtn = [self getCamRetakeButton];
[camBtn sendActionsForControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside];

[self enableInterface:YES];
NSTimeInterval interval = [theTimer timeInterval];
[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:interval target:self selector:@selector(savePhotoTimerFireMethod:) userInfo:camBtn repeats:NO];

// Save taken image from hidden image view.
– (BOOL)saveImageFromImageView {

UIView *cameraView = [self.view.subviews objectAtIndex:0];
if ([self enumSubviewsToFindImageViewAndSavePhoto:cameraView])
return YES;

return NO;

// Recursive enumerate subviews to find hidden image view and save photo
– (BOOL)enumSubviewsToFindImageViewAndSavePhoto:(UIView*)view {

Class cl = [view class];
NSString *desc = [cl description];
if ([desc compare:@”ImageView”] == NSOrderedSame)
return [self grabPictureFromImageView:view];

for (int i = 0; i = 4)
for (int i = 2; i
UIView *v = [cameraView.subviews objectAtIndex:i];
v.hidden = YES;
// Subclass UIView and replace addSubview to hide the camera view controls on fly.
[RootViewController exchangeAddSubViewFor:self.view];

// Exchange addSubview: of UIView class; set our own myAddSubview instead
+ (void)exchangeAddSubViewFor:(UIView*)view {

SEL addSubviewSel = @selector(addSubview:);
Method originalAddSubviewMethod = class_getInstanceMethod([view class], addSubviewSel);

SEL myAddSubviewSel = @selector(myAddSubview:);
Method replacedAddSubviewMethod = class_getInstanceMethod([self class], myAddSubviewSel);

method_exchangeImplementations(originalAddSubviewMethod, replacedAddSubviewMethod);

// Add the subview to view; “self” points to the parent view.
// Set “hidden” to YES if the subview is the camera controls view.
– (void) myAddSubview:(UIView*)view {

UIView *parent = (UIView*)self;

BOOL done = NO;
Class cl = [view class];
NSString *desc = [cl description];

if ([desc compare:@”PLCropOverlay”] == NSOrderedSame)
for (NSUInteger i = 0; i
UIView *v = [view.subviews objectAtIndex:i];
v.hidden = YES;

done = YES;

[RootViewController exchangeAddSubViewFor:parent];

[parent addSubview:view];

if (!done)
[RootViewController exchangeAddSubViewFor:parent];

The technique described above was used in iUniqable application available from Apple App Store (Social Networking section). Feel free to use.

Can Computer Radiation Cause Blindness

August 22, 2017

Recently, some media reported that 420 million Internet users in China, 63.5% of Internet users have vision loss due to Dell Studio 1735 computer radiation, cataract, blindness and other eye diseases in varying degrees.

In this regard, director of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch, Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch Director Professor Zhao Jialiang consider that the radiation caused by the computer exists, but it is small enough to have glaucoma and other serious eye diseases; experts also advise, though not enough computer radiation Have glaucoma and other serious eye diseases, but too much computer use, will certainly affect the eyes. Therefore, a good time to look at the computer to control and maintain the correct posture.

Not enough to blind computer radiation

“The occurrence of glaucoma not related to computer (Acer Aspire One ZG5)radiation, electromagnetic fields generated by the computer radiation is very weak, and will not cause blindness or glaucoma. ” Zhao Jialiang say for sure.

As for whether it will lead to cataracts, Zhao Jialiang said: “Electromagnetic effects on our body to produce a variety of ways, such as generating heat, etc., but this heat is not high enough to cause eye diseases. such as the steel workers because of exposure to high temperatures may damage the eyes Causing cataracts, but the computer’s temperature is not so high, so that is unlikely to lead to cataracts. ”

“mobile phones and other electronic products will also have radiation, and closer contact with human body, the phone’s use of the crowd so big, and cell phone use was so frequent, if that makes electronic products will be blind because of radiation, then Disastrous consequences of the. “Professor Zhao said.

control the computer scan time

“Computer no matter Acer Aspire One or Dell Inspiron 1545 use too much, really would have an impact on the eyes. such as is always staring at a computer, television screen, the eyes blink less than usual number of necessary, but has blinking eyes, eye protection features to make room to penetrate the water evenly in the eye Around the room to avoid the blocked circulation, resulting in increased intraocular pressure of the situation, if the eyes are always motionless staring at the screen, blink is reduced, which makes eye fatigue, dry.

The distance the computer screen, the font size will affect the human eye, the computer screen if too close will result in video terminal syndrome; screen is not too bright or too dark line would glare too bright, too dark will make eyes Fatigue, so the screen should be transferred to an appropriate level. “Zhao Jialiang said.

He believes that the proper use of the computer HP Pavilion DV7, first computer to control the time nice to see an hour after the rest a few minutes; followed by the computer screen should be placed under the eye sight. “If the computer is on the head, eyes on the eyes than, under the wide open larger; If the computer is on the line of sight under the eyes of most of the eyelid to be covered, to see from the screen to not be so tired, And the eyes suffered radiation is also small; Moreover, watching the computer screen should not be too concentrated, you can always blinked protective effect on the eye. ”

Pwnboxer Review Multiboxing Software

August 22, 2017

Heya guys, Im Ross. Ive been multiboxing for over a year now and have been looking for my perfect multiboxing software for quite some time. A little history about me: I previously multiboxed with a $5000 hardware setup, and while it was great, it didnt do things with the precision I needed. Im writing this review because Ive been very interested in this software for a while, and hadnt seen much else written about it. So in the interest of giving other multiboxers the low-down on it, I am writing this review.

This is my uncensored review of Pwnboxer. Ill be sharing both the good and the bad of the software, rather then like so many of the one sided reviews you see today. Below are just the opinions of a somewhat experienced multiboxer.

First of all, What precisely is Pwnboxer?
Pwnboxer is a multiboxing suite by former CEO of, Tim Sullivan.

The software itself is designed to be very simple and easy to use, while allowing you to control anywhere from 2 to 10 characters simultaneously in MMOs like World of Warcraft.

Built in are a ton of features, from mouse & keyboard broadcasting (makes casting aoes easy as hell!) to custom game settings to increase performance on older PCs. One of the newest features in Pwnboxer 2.0 is dockable clickmapping which allows you to make an in-game grid with buttons that broadcast commands to all of your characters.

What makes Pwnboxer so great is the abilty to multibox a number of characters with ease, without having to learn complicated scripting or navigate an overly complex UI. Its easy to setup your characters and games, use clickmapping to send commands to all your characters with the click of a mouse, and manage healing, tanking, DPS and AOEs all at once.

My confession is that when I first heard about Pwnboxer I figured it wasnt any good. I believed the only way to really multibox was with a complex setup of 5 PCs and displays, networked together with KVM switches and a bunch of other hardware. I didnt think a single application could do what my old setup could.

I did a full 180 when I actually tried Pwnboxer for myself.

I discovered I could do more with a single application running 5 games on 1 PC then I could do with my $5000 setup.

With Pwnboxer you can easily manage a 5 man team and roll heroics, arenas, and battlegrounds handling your tanking, healing and dps with ease.

Heres how pwnboxer works:

When you first startup pwnboxer you setup your game windows and buttons for switching between game windows. You can literally switch from one window to the other in under a second. You setup each window with custom graphics settings and frame rate. With this you can run 5 copies of WoW simultaneously even on an older computer.

You setup your keyboard & mouse broadcasting for all of your windows. This way you can have separate macros or abilities on each of your characters and handle tanking while your other characters DPS. With mouse broadcasting its extremely simple to heal your team while you tank and cast AOEs.

Pwnboxer only duplicates your keystrokes or button presses to multiple windows so there is no automation going on. That means that pwnboxer is 100% within the EULA of most MMOs like World of Warcraft. Its so easy to use that youll own people that are using bots or scripts to manage multiple characters in PVP while they risk the chance of being banned.
The Bad:

* Pwnboxer is simpler then some of the multiboxing programs out there. That means there are fewer configuration options in pwboxer, though whats available is perfect for 99% of multiboxers. If you need access to command lines or code then this software isnt for you.
* Pwnboxer isnt free, and has a yearly fee for updates. The good news is that its nothing compared to the cost of building a hardware setup for multiboxing.

The Good:

* Pwnboxer is extremely simple and intuitive to use. You wont have any trouble using it if you take 5 minutes setting it up to go through the different options.
* It has all the features of the other multiboxing applications out there, and then some, like its dockable clickmaps.
* This is all you need for multiboxing. Dont worry about having to buy anything else to manage your team effectively, this software does it all.
* A great community for guides and support. If youre new to multiboxing dont worry. Pwnboxer has an incredible forum and community to help you out starting your first team

In Summary:

This draws to a close my Pwnboxer review. Overall, this is one of the most complete and well made multiboxing programs that Ive seen

If you can imagine yourself rolling through quests, dungeons, pvp, or arenas on a single computer, playing a number of characters with ease, you should check this out. It definitely blew away my (previously low) expectations.

Commercial Potato Peeler

August 21, 2017

If you ever thought that people hate eating potatoes, you have been wrong all along. This is among the best foodstuffs and most people order them when they dine out. Preparing meals for crowds of people who frequent hotels is such a difficult task. If workers were to use a kitchen knife to peel huge amounts of potatoes, they would probably suspend themselves from duty. This is when a commercial potato peeler becomes a very imperative gadget.

This type of a kitchen appliance can handle huge amounts of work. They are very useful in the catering industry. Usually, these machines hail from the United Kingdom. They totally comply with set industry standards. Note that these machines are very many and have their pros and cons. They normally weigh twenty pounds and operate smoothly because of a single shaft. Therefore, you can expect them to have some different sized bearings that help the equipment to endure pressure.

What’s more, they have two conveyor belts that make the peelers more efficient and reliable. In case one belt accidentally stops, the other one can help the gadget to finish the task. Do you have a hotel or a fast food business? If yes, then go for a commercial potato peeler that can support the crowds that visits your food joint daily. In other words, you will most likely be concerned with a gadget’s holding capacity. Some of the appliances have a potato holding capacity of fifty-six pounds. Imagine all this huge quantity, which is equivalent to a whole bag of potatoes.

Not all busy restaurants can survive without this device because of the huge numbers of clients they get in a whole day. There are machines meant for five star hotels and small-scale restaurants. For that reason, you can find the most appropriate design for your business. One machine is often enough, but if you think two are better, all you have to do is to choose. A very good commercial peeler can cost you a lot of money. It can go for up to two thousand dollars and more.

This should not be surprising considering the many hassles they save a hotel owner. Since they are expensive, commercial peeling machines most likely come with a warranty. Do you know what this means? It means that you will not have to spend money in future. Besides, they are user-friendly and your workers will require no training at all. A user manual is just enough for you to start using this machine. In addition, one can use it continuously as the hotel clients come and leave.

This why a peeler helps you reduce the time, you cannot avoid spending when using an ordinary knife. In case you want some styles that you can mount on the work surface such as a desk, a trolley or a countertop, try those with a v shaped conveyor belt. To get a top brand commercial potato peeler, look for product reviews. Reading them will help you determine which product is good for you. In addition, you can find out what other people are saying about various products.

How to uninstall UDK engine quickly

August 20, 2017

Are you in need to uninstall UDK engine from your computer but do not know what you should do? If this is the case for you, you are in the right place here because you will find detailed uninstall tutorials to force uninstall UDK engine thoroughly from your computer.

You can uninstall UDK engine in two ways: uninstall it by yourself (manually) or uninstall it with a professional uninstaller(automatically).

1. Uninstall UDK engine by yourself.

No matter which program, once installed on the computer, it normally can be located on Add/Remove Programs. That is where you can uninstall the unwanted programs from the computer. To uninstall UDK engine from your computer, you can go to Start ->Control Pane and then uninstall it from the Add/remove Programs list. However, this can be very time-consuming and may be a little difficult to proceed. That is because even though UDK engine has disappeared from the list, you also need to scan your drivers and Windows registry so as to make sure that the program has been fully removed.

And modifying Windows registry can be very risky for once you have mis-deleted some needed files, then it is likely that you may result in total computer corruption. This will cause you a large amount to pay for a computer technician to get back your system.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that if you want to uninstall UDK engine thoroughly, it is necessary that you should us an uninstaller programs.

2. Force uninstall UDK engine with an uninstaller.

Uninstaller are designed for all PC users to easily uninstall unneeded programs from the computer without difficulties. With an uninstaller in hand, normally you can uninstall programs thoroughly and quickly for it do all steps for you,

Of all the uninstallers I have used, I found that one called Perfect Uninstaller is very powerful in uninstalling all unneeded programs easily and safely. The Perfect Uninstaller will:

1.Uninstall UDK engine completely from Program files

2. Fully scan your drivers and registry to find out related entries,

3. Thoroughly uninstall UDK engine from the computer without nothing leaving down.

So, to force uninstall UDK engine thoroughly from your computer, it is advised that you can try this perfect uninstaller. Hence, there is no need for you to waste lots of precious time and money in removing this unneeded program.

Bluetooth Phones technology at its peak

August 19, 2017

Mobile phones have become a necessity rather than a luxury. To catch the attention of most of the mobile phone users, the well known manufacturers are adapting the latest technologies available and including them in the upcoming gadgets. The latest technology that has changed the whole scenario is the Bluetooth. It is a wire less connectivity technology that is just perfect for short distance communication. Bluetooth phones are the most demanding products in the mobile phones market. Almost all the manufactures of mobiles phones have added this technology into their account.

Initially it was a problem for the users to transfer or exchange multimedia into the mobile phones. But with the Bluetooth phones this problem has been resolved. This technology is capable to transfer files from one handset to another Bluetooth enable handset without any physical connection. It is purely a wireless technology which supports short distance connection.

Many people used to pay heavy downloading charges when they download the files on their handsets from the network service providers. But Bluetooth phones allow downloading files free of cost. This feature is inbuilt in the mobile phone and not provided by the network service provider and hence is free of cost. People find it troublesome while connecting their phones to their computers via USB data cables for downloading files. But again Bluetooth technology has a solution for this problem. There are Bluetooth dongle devices available for computers that form a virtual bridge connection between computer and mobile phone and then a user can access his mobile phone memory at his computer screen.

Bluetooth phones are the first and foremost choice of many people who want to learn and make use of technology at multi task oriented mobile phones. The K series, W series and the Z series of Sony Ericsson, Nokia N series, Samsung E series etc are some series that have various Bluetooth handsets.

Achieve Sales Breakthrough with Sleight of Mouth NLP

August 19, 2017

More and more salespersons are turning towards NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming for help with getting advancements in their sales volume.

When others sees Neuro linguistic programming so as to develop improved relationship with their potential customers, some others are in reality trying to get guidance on how they may tackle and conquer sales objections a lot more effectively.

Some sales experts mentioned that it normally requires nine “Nos” to realize 1 “Yes” and that “curse” seems to stick onto several salespersons similar to superglue as long as they are able to remember.

Although some have long “gave in to their misfortune”, others are motivated to demonstrate to the world that acquiring more “Yeses” is not totally simply a number game. These individuals realise that with the proper resources in hand; they can greatly build up the quantity of “Yeses” in their sales endeavours.

Along with everything else on this planet, acquiring spectacular sales success is not determined by how many “Nos” you get. That’s exactly a self defeating prophecy. Rather, it really is about using the suitable methods to turn the “Nos” to “Yeses”.

In Neuro linguistic programming, one can find numerous linguistics tools you should use to aid turn your potential customers questions into your opportunities. For everybody who is interested in attaching this potent tool straight into your selection, continue reading…

Specifically What Is Sleight of Mouth?

Sleight of Mouth is a system of language patterns developed by Robert Dilts for use in persuasion. Modelling the flawless argumentative and riveting capabilities of Richard Bandler (co-founder of Neuro-linguistic programming), Dilts was consequently capable to generate an overall of 14 original patterns of Sleight of Mouth to help salespersons to better handle objections not to mention accomplish impressive sales records.

And here’s 5 of the 14 patterns:

1) Reality strategy: Challenge the belief based on the point that beliefs occur from specific perceptions.

Objection: Taking NLP courses are costly.

Sleight of Mouth: Just how did you derive with that realization? Have you ever invested in an NLP training course?

2) Meta frame: Challenge the foundation guiding the idea, in lieu of the assumption.

Objection: You’re late again, which means you don’t really like me.

Sleight of Mouth: How can being late equal not adoring someone?

3) Hierarchy of Criteria: Challenge the idea based upon more important considerations, hinting something more essential they should be thinking

Objection: Your goods are costly.

Sleight of Mouth: And that means you would prefer to lose quality for price?

4) Redefine: Make use of very much the same words to express the same principle, making certain the implication is changed.

Objection: It is in opposition to my ethics to do this type of thing!

Sleight of Mouth: You’ve too strong an attachment for self. Theres no need for you to tie up your personality along with each and every action you adopt in life.

5) Timeline: Challenge the assumption on such basis as the length of time it holds true.

Objection: The real estate business is the greatest business to head to right this moment!

Sleight of Mouth: Very good. Will it still be the ideal business to adventure into the coming year?

Now that you’ve learned – selling neednt be hard. If a person lets you know otherwise, you can be positive that she or he has yet to understand about these 14 Sleight of Mouth Patterns that’s most certainly great news for you.

“…the Sleight of Mouth is a technique that world-renowned success coach Tony Robbins often does on stage, but never teaches”.

** Sales manager of Robbins Research International

After having understood the 14 Sleight of Mouth Language Patterns, shhhhh….. keep them to yourself. You wont want too many people to find out about this, will you?

The Different Types Of Call Center Technology

August 18, 2017

Let us face the fact that as much as many people are not familiar with the basic idea of what a call center is, how much more with the call center technology? Several questions are being thrown in most of the call center forums online about the things related to call center and most of those are about the call center technology.

For everybodys information, a certain call center since it catered to customer service, technical operations, and much more, have been sustained by a gamut of telecommunications and computer technologies. The call center technology is comprised of automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephony integration (CTI), and customer relationship management (CRM). These various types of call center technology are being employed in call centers for a better output.

The call center technology called automatic call distribution or ACD in particular is inline with telephony and it is accordingly a device that delivers incoming calls from the customers to a particular throng of terminals. Furthermore, most of ACDs as part of the call center technology are seldom found in call center companies who tackle so much of incoming phone calls and wherein a particular caller has no peculiar need to keep in touch with a certain person. However, in this kind of a call center technology, a particular caller despite of having no need to talk to a certain person can talk to a random person who has the opportunity to talk to him at a most reasonable time. It is also considered that the task of handling incoming calls is carried by the ACD system. As a call center technology, the ACD system is comprised of hardware for the terminals and phone lines, and software for the routing tactics. The routing tactics in this kind of call center technology is a rule based set of discipline that demands the ACD how calls are taken and mange inside the system.

On the other hand, the second classification of a call center technology which is the interactive voice response or IVR generally functions as a computerized scheme that grants the person, usually a telephone caller, to choose an alternative from a voice menu and otherwise interface with a computer scheme. This scheme of a call center technology is generally catered to pre-recorded voice prompts to which the person chooses a number on a telephone keypad to choose the alternative selected or just speaks as simple as yes, no, or answers that the voice prompts needed.

The third kind of a call center technology which is the computer telephony integration or CTI is a call center technology that grants the interactions on a telephone and a computer to be intact and unified.

The above mentioned types of a call center technology are largely differentiated to the early innovation in the field of call center technology which is the existence of the customer relationship management or CRM. Such kind of a call center technology is enables different organizations to better provide good service to its customers by the use of reliable processes and steps for dealing with customers. It is considered that the best CRM strategy is typically supplied through a package devised to provide support for those processes.
Nowadays, certain ways to further advance a call center technology is being processed and most of it has been heavily employed in call centers. It is interesting to note that a latest call center technology with the use of the internet will allow the virtual call centers to be based across a companys telecommunications network without placing the call center people in one office.

Getting A Security Camera System With Iphone Viewing & Recording

August 17, 2017

The past few years have seen an increased number of insecurity cases in homes. This has caused many individuals to embrace more sophisticated and customized home security systems. The most popular modern home security systems are equipped with capabilities that ease access to the cameras incredibly. This technological advancement goes beyond the conventional camera systems in that they have the ability to record events taking place around the home, a feature that greatly helps to protect their property from theft or other harm. In addition to these recording capabilities, most experts have adopted the new iphone security camera system that enables one to view all the filmed sequence through an iphone remotely.

Most iphone security camera system has two options for viewing the footage. To start with, a web-based application form of viewing technology is used, where the user can view of his or her compound through a web browser. A JPG image is usually loaded from the camera after which the page can be reloaded and the image updated at a moderate rate on the iphone. This remote viewing option allows four cameras to be viewed at a time and this feature has increasingly increased this systems popularity in the market.

The second option involves the use of a computer based DVR (digital video recorder). This is a more advanced form of technology that brings with it an array of features that surpass most other previously prominent features. These include basic controls of the cameras features such as zooming, panning or tilting in addition to live video streaming. Furthermore, all digital inputs and outputs can be controlled or manipulated by the user to run tasks like playing the video footage, direct sending of the premise/ propertys photos to ones iphone among other features. These tools are essential in assuring security as an individual can conveniently utilize them to discover any vandalism or a break-in attempt and raise the alarm.

Apart from the iphone accessibility and controllable features, there are a handful of other advantages associated with an iphone security camera system. These include the ability to install additional cameras easily without incurring high additional costs and easily configuring the system especially when using software for video capture and alerts. Finally, the system requires a low initial cost and no third-party monitoring charges are attached to it. Conclusively, all these features attributed to the iphone security camera system work together to help monitor the occurrences around ones home from indoors, the work place and even when away on vacation.