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How to secure your Android phone

January 31, 2018

Although Android covers more than 75% of the smartphone market it doesn’t mean that it is the most secure operating system in the planet for mobile phones, In reality the fact that Android is the most scaleable operating system of smart phone devices makes it more vulnerable to security threats and malware.

While Android is a terrific operating system in many ways, it does pose some real risks for IT departments. Last week’s revelation that Google had to remove around 50 malware-infected applications from its Android Market and had activated an Android app kill switch highlighted the downside of the company’s “free love” approach to publishing applications where it will let anyone put their app on the market and will only take it down if alerted by a third-party user. The upside of this, of course, is that the market also offers a wide variety of quality security applications that can protect you from malicious apps.

Below are mentioned the best anti-malware and security apps on Android on the basis of ratings submitted by user’s online:

1)McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee’s WaveSecure app doesn’t have any of the virus scans or firewall protection that the company is famous for, but it does have some important features such as the ability to remotely lock your phone and to wipe key data from it, the ability to back up and restore wiped data after a device has been secured, and the ability to track and map your device using GPS.

2)Lookout Security & Antivirus

As one of the earliest entries into the Android security field Lookout has an impressive user base. There is a completely free version which offers antivirus and scheduled scanning. There is also a locate function for lost or stolen devices, the ability to activate an alarm, and the option to track your phone online via the Lookout website.

Another handy feature that Lookout provides is the ability to backup contacts online and restore them to your existing device or a new one.


This smart app offers several anti-theft features, like location detection, remote alarm activation and file protection. It has extensive versions for Android devices (as well as safety products for computers and cameras). New devices get an extra awesome feature – GadgetTrak snaps photos with your stolen mobile camera and collects evidence that can help you locate your phone and catch the unfortunate thief.

4)NQ Mobile Security

This app blocks viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans, and blocks access to phishing sites. Privacy protection monitors apps that access your private data without permission, and system optimization closes apps that run in the background without your knowledge. Traffic monitoring functionality ensures that you don’t go over your plan’s limits, and allows you to rank apps by data consumption. Contacts and messages can be backed up for free, and the app can also be used to locate a lost or stolen phone.The app also has the ability to lock and wipe a lost or stolen phone, and to activate an alarm

5)AVG Antivirus (Free)

Another big name in computer security, AVG Antivirus Free scans your apps, settings, media, and phone contents in search of suspicious files. Have a text message with a shady-looking link attached? Run the scanner to see if it’s a possible threat to your phone’s security. Features that the creators will add in the future include the ability to lock apps and back up data. As the utility stands now, if you seek only to keep your phone malware-free and you don’t really care for the extras, AVG Antivirus will fit your needs.

In this article I only choose apps of Android devices because Android’s maker follow open source rules which means anyone can view the source code of any app on android and can provide thier personnel updates for that app which no other mobile operating system company provides.

For updating Android mobile apps you will have to learn a little bit of Android App programming, but not to worry there are many online sites that can help you learn Android app development.The best part of learning online is that you can study from anywhere you are comfortable and you don’t have to travel other places for learning plus you can record the lectures and view them on your device for future revision or study.

One of the online site where you can learn Android App Development is You can refer to the link:Learn Android Online

So after buying your phone install these apps as soon as possible

Satellite TV4 PC -Hardware or Software Solution

January 30, 2018

Once it comes to seeing TV on your PC, you can turn one of two directions: the hardware one and the software one. If you use the hardware direction, what you have to get is named a TV-PC tuner card. This comes both as a card that you may install inside your computer and creates an exterior socket for your TV aerial, or as a USB gadget that will happily plug onto the exterior of your PC. This will let you to receive television signals straight to your PC, and is usable for someone who has recording choices on their PC that they can use for television content. This option, however, will not allow you to get any TV content that you are not already getting or entitled to either through a paid subscription service of free public television content.

If you choose the software road, you are entering the land of Internet television which will lead to a lot of possibilities . Here is what it involves :

There is plenty of free stuff available legally online by way of video clips and streaming content. This stuff may be everything from an amateur video on You Tube to streaming news clips linked with a licensed news agency. Countless satellite TV stations are live on the web, and there are a handful of websites that link you to this content.

You can choose to acquire a software application (for prices from $25 to $125) that will present direct links (often numbering in the thousands) to national and international satellite television programming. The software in generally is downloadable online, and will begin the selected content in a standard media player.

Both of these main two options can be hit or miss as far as finding what you actually want. But you cannot get HBO or MTV for free of charge. What you do acquire is frequently a timetable of religious programs and foreign language programming, and your look for for a civilized program will go through with browser incompatibility troubles, applet errors, broken links, and endless buffering. If you do go with the licensed software solution for a low price, you may be sure getting what you pay for.

You may as well use peer-to-peer (P2P) programs (Like Emule) to distribute video files with others. The technology itself is permissible, but distributing or getting protected television programming is not. But in this case at least you identify what you are getting .

In the future years, paid satellite TV subscriptions will be cheaper and the offerings that are presented without charge will increase in excellence. TV programs online will also pick up, and the practice of small payments for a few content may aid drive this vary. Meanwhile, looking for satellite TV programming online, frequently from additional countries, will keep on to be an unpredictable and often surreal experience, but it may also be a accidentally gratifying one.

Computer Networks Lan, Wan, And Internetwork

January 29, 2018

It’s probably safe to say that modern business is dependent on electronic communication and computer communication. Ask any person who works in a corporate environment how many e-mails they receive and send in a day or how many times they need to print a document, and the number you will hear will probably be quite large. Thus, one essential thing to have in any modern office is a reliable computer network. A computer network is a group of computers and machines that are linked together through one of a variety of different methods in order to share, transfer, and communicate information.

A computer network typically includes computers, printers, and fax machines, but they can also include any type of machine or device that’s linked in. A slow and unreliable computer network means that the computers and machines cannot communicate, which means that people can’t communicate with each other, which directly translates to poorer work productivity, not to mention frustration and annoyance.

But before you know how to find a reliable computer network or how to improve your existing one, it’s helpful to know about the many different types of networks and their capabilities:

Local Area Network

One type of network is called a LAN (Local Area Network). A LAN is one of the major two types of computer networks and is most likely found in homes or small offices as it covers smaller physical areas than other types of networks. It’s a computer network that typically connects computers to word processors and other office equipment. Although a LAN covers only a limited area, it can connect a large number of computers and electronic equipment. For instance, schools and airports are two types of large, centrally-located organizations that often use a LAN. And the fact that it covers a specific, small geographic area means that the network doesn’t require leased telecommunication lines. Perhaps the most crucial defining characteristic of a LAN is its high data transfer rates. Because the network is serving a limited area, data can move from device to device much more quickly.

Wide Area Network

Essentially the opposite of a local area network is a WAN (Wide Area Network). This type of network is the second major type of computer networks available, and unlike a LAN, a WAN covers a wide geographic area. Whether you need to connect computers across the country or across the globe, a WAN is a good solution. As opposed to a LAN, a WAN is not confined to a network within a specific building. And the most popular type of wide area networks is the Internet. And both the LAN and WAN come with wireless options, meaning that computers and other machines can be connected without using cables.


Internetwork is another category of computer networks that overlaps with both land area networks and wide area networks. Basically, an internetwork uses routing technology to connect two or more different computer networks. In other words, an internetwork connects to LANs or two WANs. An internetwork connects communication between or among public, private, commercial, industrial, or governmental networks. Within the internetwork category, there are three different types of networks: intranet, extranet, and internet. The difference among these networks is dependent on who administers the network and who participates in them.


The intranet uses something called the Internet Protocol (IP) and related tools, including web browsers and file transfer applications. Internet Protocol assures that any packet of information sent from one computer or device arrives at its destination safely and in the same condition when it was sent. IP does this by assigning a unique address, a number, to each device connected to the network. The intranet is controlled by a single administrative entity. The administration’s specific responsibility is to ensure that the network is closed to all unauthorized users and those outside the network. In most cases, the intranet is used within a single organization.


An extranet must have at least one connection to an external network to be considered an extranet. It is a network that only services a single organization, but that usually connects to networks of trusted organizations. For instance, a business organization may allow their network to connect to a network of customers or suppliers. In other terms, the extranet is usually a network that includes extraneous connections from an intranet.


The Internet is the most popular type of internetwork that allows interconnection and intercommunication across worldwide networks. The Internet can connect a variety of different networks, including governmental, academic, public, and private networks. Most people are familiar with this internetwork, as the Internet is the underlying backbone of the World Wide Web. Although this type of internetwork is popular and can be used in businesses, it is can also be the least secure type of network, especially is an organization doesn’t have the right anti-virus software, firewalls, and other necessary precautions.
The above is a simple overview of the most common types of computer networks. There are many other types of networks that could be beneficial to a variety of different organizations. Whether you need to connect computers in a single state or need California computer networking to extend all the way to New York, there are networks designed to meet your specific needs. By knowing about the different types of computer networks, you can better know which one is right for you and your business to help enhance communication and improve efficiency and productivity.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Most powerful Android smart phone

January 29, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the new flagship model of the company and has replaced the previous one with a touch of class. It is best available with many enticing Samsung Galaxy S2 Contract Deals.

The user can win many free gifts and incentives along with these deals. Samsung has been on the way to produce the sequels for all its best sellers. It has recently launched the all new Samsung Galaxy S2 which is the successor of the previous flagship model of the company-the Samsung Galaxy S. it is the improved version of the already complete smart phone which was well endowed with all the advanced features along with user-friendly applications.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is available at pocket-friendly prices with samsung galaxy s2 contract promoted by the leading networking companies in UK. The Samsung Galaxy S2 Contract Deals are the most appealing ones as they come along with many lucrative offers. The user may win many expensive home appliances as well as valuable incentives with these deals.

To start with, it is the thinnest handset available with dimensions of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mma and weight of just 116g. This smart phone runs on the Gingerbread version of Android OS in complete harmony with a powerful dual-core processor of 1.2GHz.

The front of this device is adorned with a gorgeous 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch screen that can display up to 16M colors at 480 x 800 pixel resolution. The screen supports features such as accelerometer, proximity and gyro sensors along with touch sensitive controls, multi touch input method, Gorilla Glass display and TouchWiz UI.

The user can stay connected with the web with various integrated connectivity features. They include GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi for faster and uninterrupted access. The social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and You Tube aloe the user to stay connected with his loved ones at any point of time.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 also ensures that you can capture all your special moments with the 8MP camera which is held at the back. It comes with various image enhancing features such as auto focus, geo-tagging, LED flash, touch focus, image stabilization and more. The user has the option of selecting among the two versions that are available-16GB/32GB. Depending upon his storage requirements, a choice can be made. Both are enough to store all the data files including thousands of music tracks, images and video clips.

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Special DISH Network Programs for Aged People

January 28, 2018

With plethora of programs and services DISH network, the leading Satellite TV is the one stop destination for all the television lovers. A child of five years or any woman of 20s-all will find the programs that will help them stay amused and thus help them to forget all the woes and worries of day to day living. Especially the old folks who cannot go out frequently have drawn to the television just like a fish drawing to water. With DISH Network they can get the effective means to discard the boredom of their lives. In other words to the elderly people DISH TV channels serve as windows to peep into the glamorous world of entertainment outside.

Over the years the number of subscribers within age group of 50 to 70 is increasing at a rapid pace. Also they happen to spend more times in viewing television than any of the young subscribers. What are the programs that they are mostly fond of? According to the research the elderly people have developed liking for non fictional programs like news, documentaries, and programs on current affairs and so on. There are various programs that highlight various aspects of religious beliefs and spiritualism. Many of the old folks are fascinated by the content of the programs and also turn out to be devoted watchers of these programs. Sports also are favorite topic that elderly people, especially the males, take special interests. However all the elderly females also get addicted to movies, daily soaps and opera. Also melodious tunes of classical music soothe the hearts of these old buddies.

DISH Network; with its numerous offers and programming deals have raised sky high expectation of the elderly lot. With DISH Network, watching television in HD programming mode has turned out to be an awesome experience. Stunning pictures and outstanding sound quality of all these channels will take your television viewing to that of level that is simply out of the world. Presently DISH Network is the television provider that offers more than 200 national HD channels. No other provider in the current market scenario has promised to give such lucrative offers.

Now let us name some of the DISH channels that offer exclusive programs for elderly generation. Like, History, a programming network, is dedicated to fulfill the passion of people to know history of America. It is an old buddys favorite as they can catch glimpse of all the original and unique documentaries on American history and also movies and serials. For those who are ardent lovers of art and culture find Classic Arts Showcase to be very interesting. This twenty four hours channel airs contemporary as well as vintage and rare video clips of various works of part. Other DISH HD channels like Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, History Channel and The National Geographic Channel supply enough staple for the elderly folks to get all their amusement and joy that they rightly deserve. That their fun does not end with single viewing for the subscribers DISH TV offers special DISH HD DVR for recording the programs and later watching these programs several times at ease.

Hot and Sensuous Adult Content of DISH Network

January 27, 2018

With a huge subscription of more than fourteen million viewers, DISH Network has turned out to be the leading Satellite TV provider in the whole of United States. Considering the immense popularity and excellent service more and more people are switching over to DISH TV. With DISH Network you can get a plethora of programs on different topics. Starting from sports, music, and movies you can get all from the exclusive programming packages from DISH Network. Whether it is amusement for innocent kids or the entertainment of the old buddies DISH TV serves everyones need quite effectively. Apart from basic programming packages of DISH, option for pay per view channels is also available. The more the option the more is the quality channels that will entertain you round the clock.

Now let us concentrate our discussion on the adult entertainment programs. All the adult programs that DISH offers are of very high standard but they are not meant for all. To be specific, the adult contents are not available in the basic DISH packages which are meant for the entire family entertainment. So you choose for special adult channels through pay per view package and thus enjoy the sensational adult materials at your bedrooms pleasure.

Thinking how safe is it to opt for such adult content when your kids are at home? Well, to remove your woes and worries, DISH offers special parental lock system so that you can help your kids not to get access to all the adult content. Moreover DISH Network has more to offer to all its subscribers. Even if you miss the episode of one of your favorite programs you can get DISH HD DVR so that you can record the programs and watch the programs later at your convenience.

Now let us have a close look at all the channels that offer best of the adult programs at your platter:

Playboy TV, the leading brand in adult entertainment, offers highly sensational adult content. So you will get the scope of watching all the original hot stuffs that are made by the top notch creative heads of the PlayBoy. You get classy adult programs with style in the comfort and ease of your bedroom.

To get the taste of reality you should watch Real TV, another premier adult programming channel that is being offered by DISH Network. Thus you can watch all the original, uncut versions of the movies and programs and make your night more rosy and romantic. On Real TV there is no script, no pretence and no settings and stuffs.

Juicy TV also has gained fame for airing exquisite adult content. Thus as a valued viewer you are assured to catch glimpse of some of the unique movies that offers you adult stuffs. Be the porn parodies to ethnic titles starring the top professionals or any of the works of the amateurs you can get everything. You can get wide ranging movies and also studio line ups that are very original, aesthetic and sensuous.

There are more channels like FRESH TV, Hustler TV and more that will provide you enough stuff to pamper your wild thoughts and imagination.

Apple iPhone A fully multi-tasking communication gadget

January 26, 2018

Apple iPhone is nothing short of a revolution in the domain of mobile-communication. Be it a wide-screen iPod or a large multi-touch display or innovative new softwares, the magic seems to grow like never before with Apple iPhones.

In today’s fast-forward life-style, being in touch with near and dear ones has become the need of the hour and mobie-phones are truly doing a great job in this regard. Everyday, mobile-companies are coming out with more refined and more customizable mobile handsets to cater to the unique needs of its customers. Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and HTC are among the leading mobile-manufacturing companies in the world. However, when one looks at these mobile-handsets, one rarely finds a worth-considering difference.

However, it was the Apple iPhone that successfully created jitters around the world and put many to shame with its wide-screen iPod and multi-touch display. It was at the Macworld 2007, when Apple came out in the open with this ultra-modern device and the rest is history. Now, this amazing smartphone is a ‘complete package of a revolutionary mobile, an iPod with touch-controls and fast-Internet device’. This means, the user remains at a complete peace of mind and has total control over everything with just his fingers. So, one can call to his friend by simply pointing finger at his number of name. Now, this degree of ease and comfort only comes with Apple iPhones.

There is clearly no doubt that each and every product from the house of Apple comes with fantastic features and eye-popping designs. And the same lines go for Apple 3G iPhone White which comes in the dimensions of 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm. It offers a storage space of 8GB as well as 16GB along with a 128MB RAM. It also sports a 2MP built-in camera to let the user take and share high-quality pictures with his near and dear ones with ease. It is also Wi-Fi enabled, letting the user to have an easy access to Internet browsing all the time. One can also send and receive messages in the form of MMS with this beautiful communication gadget.

Today Apple iPhones have become a rage among people from all walks of life. The device lets the user enjoy music, audio-books and videos with just a touch of finger. As the handset comes with a full QWERTY soft keyboard, sending and receiving messages becomes a real-fun, instead of a time-consuming exercise. This communication device also comes with Google Maps and iPhone’s amazing Maps application which make any journey all the more easier and simpler.

Apple iPhone specification:

3.5-inch touchscreen display
Operating system: OS X
2.0 megapixel camera for taking and sharing quality stills and videos
Storage space: 4GB or 8GB
Weighs only 135 grams

There is simply no end to the list of iPhone features. They have truly revolutionized the industry and the impact will surely be there for a long time. And now with the storm of mobile-applications, the users are just going crazy for these high-end mobile-phones. Needless to say that from a simple communication device, mobile-phones have now become a powerhouse of info-entertainment and this only seems the beginning.

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Iphone 4 Repair Without The Hassle

January 25, 2018

Any Apple products can be hard to repair on your own because of the specialized parts and the way they are designed. Most of the time when people try to repair these products on their own, they can break it even more or can make it non repairable. It is the best option with this type of repair to have a professional handle it. Almost any Apple product can be repaired fairly quickly by a trained professional. Anything from Apple Macbooks and Imacs to Ipods and Iphones can be repaired simply and inexpensively. Once they are repaired any product can be pretty much brought back to their original working form.

One of the hardest to do is Iphone 4 repair and Ipod touch 4 repair. These two products are very similar in the way they are designed and made. The main difference is the phone parts that are included in the Iphone 4 design that are not in the Ipod touch 4. Both the Ipod and Iphone products can be repaired by a professional with the right parts. Anything from the power button to the screen can be replaced and brought back to their original working order pretty simply.

Iphone 4 repair is the more challenging out of the two to do. This is because of the Iphones phone capability which makes the product have some extra parts in it. With the two cameras and all of the other features that are available in the Iphone 4 there can be a lot of parts that can break. With the Iphones sleek design it makes it very difficult to make repairs to it unless you are trained to do so. The screen is the mostly like part of this product to break or have to be repaired for any reason. Ipod touch 4 repair can be very similar to the Iphone but it does not have the problem of working around the phone parts. Most of the same repairs can be made on this product as on the Iphone because they basically have the same parts and are repaired the same.

An easy way to have any Apple products repaired is to use a mail-in service. The Mail-in service is means that you mail your broken product to a company and they repair and mail it back to you in almost new and working condition. Most companies will mail the product back to you for free after its been fixed. There are also store fronts that you can go to where they can repair your product with you there. The main reason you would use one of these services is because the warranty on your product has expired and it costs a lot more to use Apple repair services or to replace the product. Any repairs done by a professional can be very inexpensive for the quality and quickness of the repair. These companies can be perfect if you need any of your apple products repaired quickly and fixed right with no problems.

Free Mobile Dialer To Enjoy Voip International Calls On Your Phone

January 25, 2018

The liberalization process has accelerated the number of diaspora residing in different nations. It has ultimately increased the need of cheap international calls all across the globe. Apart from this, the increasing industrialization, foreign trade and education, and tourism, the people of different countries are interacting together. It is also the another reason to feel the need of international calls, which are superb in quality and incredible cheap in rates.

Increasing need of VoIP technology and mobile dialer:
VoIP telephony has emerged the best alternative of regular calls, which have left the people quite disappointed with poor quality and high rates. Even though, VoIP international calls can be made by using PC, laptop and smartphone. These devices are required to be activated with VoIP technology. For this reason, the need of SIP dialer and mobile dialer is also on the rise.

What is mobile dialer?
Mobile dialer is a software, which activates your smartphone with VoIP technology. Until this software is installed on your gadget, you are unable to enjoy cheap international calls to any country all around the world. Mobile dialer works only on the mobile phone. In case you want to make PC to phone calls, you need to download different international calls software including SIP dialer.

Types of mobile dialer:
Mobile dialer are available in a large number. Several VoIP service providers let their customers free download mobile dialer on their gadget. But, while selecting any mobile dialer, you need to ensure whether this software is compatible with the operating system of your mobile phone or not.

Mtring mobile dialer – Leading VoIP service provider Phone Kall lets its buyers free download Mtring Mobile dialer. But, you need to pay attention, that this calling software is compatible with only Symbian mobile phone OS.

Itel mobile dialer – You don’t need to worry, in case your smartphone is running on the mobile OS other than Symbian. In this case, you can free download Itel mobile dialer, which works with all kinds of mobile OS including Symbian, Android, Window phone, Apple iOS and BlackBerry.

Pre-condition of free downloading mobile dialer:
Even though, the mobile dialer can be free downloaded on your smartphone, you need to fulfill some of the conditions, which are mentioned below:

You need to first of all get online registration with any VoIP service provider, which can be done just in a jiffy after filling some details
You need to hold an online account with service provider
You are expected to buy international calling plan from this company. You account is credited with the amount of buying plan and can be used fro any corner of the world

Benefits of mobile dialer:
There are plenty of advantages of mobile dialer, which are as follows:

It activates the VoIP technology on your smartphone
It enables you in making the VoIP international calls with cheap rates and best quality
It provides the advantages of regular calls including Call hold, Call forward, Mute option, Speed dial
It also renders the advanced advantages like real time info of account balance, call rate, time spent and so on.

Photographs printed to a canvas print from a boat trip

January 24, 2018

Don’t you just love photographs? We all take photographs every day of our lives and it’s just something that has become essential in our day to day activities, we even have cameras on your mobiles phones now. Back in the 50’s you wouldn’t even think that you could have a phone that you could keep on you to use at all times let alone have a camera on your phone also which is so amazing and it really does give you an idea of how far our civilisation has come in the past century.

If you are a boat travelling somewhere and you happen to get great weather then it’s great to take your mobile phone out of your pocket and snap up some great photos, or if you plan ahead then you could take your digital camera with you a take some really cool photos when you’re up on the upper deck as there is always lots going on. If You’re on a large ship then you always have seagulls following you at the rear of the ship so if you have a good camera with a good long lens on it then you could get some really good close up shots of those birds which then at a later day you could maybe make some art out of it on your computer and then have that transformed into a canvas print for some really cool and contemporary decoration for your home.

The great thing about taking photos on a boat or a large ship is that there are always plenty to see, if you’re lucky enough and you’re in the right part of the word then you could go whale watching and take some great photos of some giant Wales which will later convert into amazing art for you to have printed as canvas prints. Also if you’re in a tropical part of the world then you might encounter a wonderful sunset which gives of amazing colours like reds and yellows and oranges which will give you a perfect opportunity to get some great photos for viewing at a later date or for transferring into a canvas art print to hang up in your home. Then when your friends ask you were did you get you stunning looking canvas print form you can then say that it was you that took the picture and t was you that had it made into a canvas print.

If you do have boating photos that you want printed onto a canvas print then its best to have a canvas printing specialist print them for you as there is lots to think about when producing the best and the most top quality of canvas printing. The canvas prints’ companies will have all the right machinery and the best equipment and materials to make your photo into a work of art and the best part is that you can seek out a canvas prints business online pretty easy as there lots of them out there that can do the job for you and they can print them fast to. Printing your photos to canvas prints fast is very ideal, especially if you have a present that you need to purchase for a friend or family relative because it there birthday or a special occasion then it’s very handy for you to upload your photo onto a website that sells canvas print and for them to deliver to you then very next day, or even 2 to 3 working days. The website for the canvas printing specialist will have a couple of options for you which is very handy.