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The School Of Technology And E-learning (stel) Is One Of The Academic Schools In Mdis Equipped To Pr

April 30, 2018

The School of Technology and E-Learning (STEL) is one of the academic schools in MDIS equipped to prepare and prepare Information Technology (IT) professionals in both academic education and expert skills upgrading.

First created in 2002, MDIS School of technology targets to guide individuals in Singapore and in the region gain a perch in the IT world by supplying a absolute suite of activities that concentrates on a comprehensive-based, holistic education that is highly wanted after by the trade. The information technology module gives digital media lessons based on the lessons that are from well-accredited and renowned schools. The university performs rather closely with staffs and schools to assure that the activities touched in this technology classes are appropriate, severe and of finest attributes. The program are usually examined and kept up to date in line with recent advancements in the IT industry. Thus, it helps to prepare pupils with practical techniques and knowledge greatly wanted by bosses upon graduation, when they make their growth into their trained career life. Pupils who enrol themselves in the diploma in technology are also shared by teachers that have more than 10 years of business and preparation background with proven track records in passing rates.

Staying true to its vision of offering a technology-driven career, MDIS School of technology pupils are the top to embark on the MDIS’ blackboard learning management system. This is indeed an e-learning and community platform where individuals get to obtain professor worksheets, talk with their professors, engage in online work and even organise video-recorded tutorials during the week of examination break. All these revisions open many rooms for learners to deal with technology-based equipment.

The college has varied and niche materials in Information Technology to meet the growing needs of today’s fast advancing society. It produces ready students that have the potential to safeguard advanced positions in several famous global institutions as well as potential individuals who are much desired after by the technology world. Adding on, MDIS School of Technology and e-learning often offer fresh practical oriented activities to help prepare people for their career in future.

How Technology Has Helped Online Shopping

April 29, 2018

Technology has played a crucial role in the growth of online catalogue shopping. Faster internet connections have enabled all online companies to present hundreds of products to hungry customers in a way never seen before with slower dial up connections. In the past it was very difficult to have video and pictures on the same web page without slowing the load speed dramatically. This turned away many potential visitors who were just not prepared to wait to see things appear.

For the catalogue companies this was a severe handicap because their business relied on presenting many products in the same place. For this reason many were slow to move their operations to the internet. They still made decent profits from paper copy catalogues delivered to homes and ordered through telephone lines. The ones who did venture online had to tone down the web site, and keep the pictures to a minimum.

Then broadband came on the scene and it changed everything in a very short space of time. Now the catalogues could show all the pictures they wanted, and get their goods directly in front of their visitors without the fear of them having to wait for pages to load up. If you look at the catalogue web sites today you are met with huge interactive banners and videos of products, and every single sale item has a wealth of very detailed pictures.

It is no coincidence that online sales have rocketed in the last few years. It is all down to broadband and speed. It is now possible to browse through hundreds of pages in minutes, and people like this a lot. Interactive features also help in the selling process; it makes people feel a part of the web site. In fact it not just pretty pictures that help sell things, nowadays you have virtual rooms and planners that allow you to plan a room and its contents without actually having to go to the store. Colour schemes can be planned as well, and every small detail can be brought out to inspect at will.

Other interactive features such as comparison charts, buying by price, size or brand from a simple to use search box speeds things up even more. Modern society revolves at a fast pace, and the internet has followed suit. In the future it will be even faster, and this will increase sales and profits for those companies who take advantage of the latest technology, and most importantly, keep the customer happy.

Samsung M8800 Beautiful Gadget

April 28, 2018

Samsung M8800 is a stylish and feature packed mobile phone that operates on the user friendly interface of touchwiz. It integrates 8 MP camera that has various significant options for the enhancement of picture quality such as geo tagging, face recognition, wide dynamic range and much augmented shake reduction function. Most fascinatingly, one can also take this handset as a mobile gaming phone as various exciting games have been installed with tremendous gaming options.

Major features of Samsung M8800 Standard battery of lithium ion is integrated in the gadget that with the storage capacity of about 1000 mAH promises longer life. This battery, over 3G networks renders the talk time of 120 minutes while on 2G networks, the total talk time delivered is of 430 minutes. In standby mode, the device can run up to 310 hours in 2G networks and for 280 hours over 3 G network. Manufactured on bar type form factor, it supports the pixel resolution of about 107 x 54 x 13 mm.The finishing of black colors looks really cool when beholding in hands. It incorporates a standard 3.2 inches TFT display screen that implements the resolution of 240 x 400 pixels for rendering outstanding quality for displaying images.

The internal memory is of 200 mega bytes that can store unlimited contact numbers, files and fields.Moreover, the users can also enhance the memory area by introducing the external memory card in the space provided for that. Thus, one is provided with the significant opportunity to store more photographs and video clips. The integrated camera also enables to record videos of some wonderful moments in QVGA as well as WVGA display at the rate of 120 fps and 30 frames per second respectively.To ensure fast data transmission and quick connectivity among various compatible units, the major technologies incorporated in this decent and modish handset are GPRS class 10, EDGE class 10, HSDPA at the rate of 7.2 mbps and microUSB for directing the data transfer between the gadget and pc or laptop.

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Extracting Data From web Scraper Protected Web Sites

April 27, 2018

Many web sites implement various techniques to prevent web scrapers from extracting web data from their web sites. The most popular protection techniques are CAPTCHA and IP banning.
CAPTCHA protected web sites displays a word as an image and requires the user to enter the word he sees in order to proceed. It is impossible for web scraping software to bypass a CAPTCHA screen, because the web scraper is unable to extract the word from the image. OCR technology can be used to recognise words in an image, but most CAPCHA images include noise which makes it impossible to consistently recognise the words using OCR.
Visual Web Ripper is an advanced web grabber tool that features semi-automatic processing of CAPCHA protected web sites. Visual Web Ripper can recognise CAPTCHA screens while extracting data and display the CACHA image in a Window. Once the user enters the CAPTCHA word in the form, Visual Web Ripper will automatically enter the word on the website and continue extracting web data. CAPTCHA is normally only used in a few places on a website in order not to annoy ordinary users, so the operator of the web scraping software normally only need to enter a CAPTCHA word a few times for each web scraping session.
If you are extracting large quantities of data from a web site, the web site may recognise your IP-address and ban the IP-address from the website. This means you will no longer be able to visit the web site, or extract data from the web site.
Instead of using your own IP-address to access the web site, you can access the website through a proxy-server, so the web site sees the proxy-server’s IP-address instead of yours. The Visual Web Ripper web scraping software allows you to enter a list of proxy-servers and will automatically cycle through the proxy-servers, so the target website doesn’t see one single IP-address extracting lots of web data.
Another benefit of using a proxy-server is that the target website will never be able to recognise you by looking up the owner of you IP-address.
Most free proxy-servers are quite unreliable, and if you are unwilling to pay for stable proxy-servers, you may want to take a look at the free TOR network. TOR is a network of proxies, so your web request will go through multiple proxy-servers before ending up on the target web server. This is obviously a very secure and private way of scraping the web, but it does reduce the web data extraction speed. The Visual Web Ripper web scraping software works well with the TOR network.

R4ds -a Trusted Place To Buy Sd Cards And Other Gadget Accessories

April 27, 2018

The device without accessories is like a barber without blade! There are lots of accessories available for various kinds of electronic gadgets. Such accessories enhance the performance of the device so that you have a hassle free, smooth functioning. With innumerable option to get these accessories on the internet, there is a possible threat to get feigned material that may ditch you and dig a big hole in your wallet. To overcome all such fraudulent deals for SD Cards, Gaming accessories etc, there is a genuine site where you can purchase all popular brands such as SanDisk, Sony, Nokia, Kingston etc. offers you all genuine accessories to boost your system or gadget’s performance. There is a wide range of SD Cards, Memory sticks and other accessories associated with latest devices and gadgets. You can purchase R4 card to enhance the memory or simply to upgrade your gadget or system. All things available here come with minimum one year and a maximum of lifetime warranty to assure you the best possible quality of goods you purchase.

You can purchase such accessories for yourself or can gift someone who you care or love. You can also get kids a surprise of Gaming material that they would never forget. R4ds sells all the add-ons that are latest and compatible with best consoles available on the market. The sellers continuously upgrade their stock and you can enjoy the shopping at R4ds.

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The customer service and genuine quality accessories and goods are backbones of r4ds and probably that is why, it is one of the most trusted website to purchase electronic goods and items. One of the best features of is its incompatible price! The quality products you get listed here are at very competitive price so that they fit to your budget and do not dig a hole in your wallet! If you are looking for a latest toy or novelty gift, look no further and go for that offers you genuine electronic goods. Whether you want to purchase all new gadget, widget or device or simply want to enhance or upgrade, has everything for you, right away!

Bad or feigned accessories can ruin up your device and may also damage the internal spare parts and that is why, shopping such accessories requires a careful attention. When you shop at, you can simply enjoy your shopping without worrying about the quality of the goods you add to your cart!

Mac Lock and Commonsense Should Deter Ladrones from Stealing Your IMac

April 26, 2018

I had had a friend whose G4 Tower was towed away. It was more than a disaster than losing his girl. He lost the data and he had no insurance. He did not have a backup nor did he do anything to see that information in his system did not reach crooks hands. No wonder it was more than a traumatic experience that my buddy underwent those days.

When I went to University, I was smart to make encrypted sparce disk image and have kept my images, videos, apps and music in these. Due to the size, I could easily back these up on to a DVD or an MP3. I even did the encryption thing that prevented someone per se from gaining access to my macbook.

To follow just these doesnt make so much sense these days though. And the reality here is that a determined ladrone will make away with your mac book if you are too casual with your computer security. If you are taking a beautiful macbook with you to the school, you need to look at the mac lock options you have at your disposal; I meant the physical mac locks. But remember the usual notebook locks that use the VGA will not be the perfect computer security solution to your iMac.

In the first place remember to get insurance done for your expensive iMac, then as due diligence invest in buying a computer security hardware. In fact, a mac book lock is the pre requisite if you want to make any claim against theft of it. After a lock go for the other security options to prevent data access even if the thief gets away with the mac book.

While the mac locks that lock the cables come under $30, the maximum security will cost you about $100 clams. A low profile power mac security lock is always a good idea as it doesnt interfere with fiddling with your mac book for installation and removal. From mini mac lock to mac locks there are good computer security solutions. Before all that just ensure that,
You set a password start as mandatory for the iMac.
Set the iMac to asking a password upon wake from sleep and even for removing the screen-saver.
Make arrangement to set the auto screen saver turn on after some amount of time.
God forbid you iMac doesnt get stolen, but it pays to have a good backup system. Burn files at periodical intervals. Your iMac can be replaced but not the data and file unless you have a back up of them.
Last, encrypt the personal information and data, etc on the iMac.
Finally, get a good mac book lock to put your mind at ease.

Why Input and Output Devices Are So Important in Information Technology

April 25, 2018

To use a computer, we must have some means of entering data into the computer for it to use in its computations. There are a wide variety of input devices, and we will mention only the most commonly used types. The input devices that you as a manager are most likely to use are a microcomputer keyboard and a mouse. In computation, these devices are generally called first-phase devices. In modern days, these devices are slowly getting replaced by some more smart devices, capable of inputting our instructions with touch or even human voices.

A terminal is a simpler device than a PC; it is designed strictly for input/output and does not incorporate a processor (CPU), or at least not a general-purpose processor. The terminal is connected to a computer via some type of telecommunication line. Most terminals consist of a keyboard for data entry and a monitor to show the user what has been entered and to display the output from the computer. Terminals are widely used by clerical personnel involved in online transaction processing. Special types of terminals are also in widespread use as computer input devices. Point-of-sale terminals are in use at most retail stores, and automatic teller machines (ATMs) are commonplace in the banking industry. Like the standard terminals described earlier, these special-purpose devices serve as both input and output devices, usually incorporating a small built-in printer to provide a hard-copy record of the transaction.

Voice input to computers is another input option, although the accuracy of speech recognition software is still less than perfect, with the best packages achieving recognition accuracy in the 95 to 99 percent range. With these numbers, speech recognition software is a productivity- enhancing tool for users with limited typing skills, disabilities, repetitive stress injuries from overusing a computer keyboard, or no time to do anything except dictate (such as medical doctors).

Some input methods read an original document (such as a typed report or a check or deposit slip) directly into the computer’s memory. Check processing is handled this way in the United States through the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) input method. Bank checks have the account information already printed using code type of numbers and a special magnetizable ink. After a check is cashed in any bank, the bank that cashed it records the amount of the check in magnetizable ink at the bottom of the check. Magnetic ink character reader is a kind of computer device which magnetizes the ink along with understanding the number. It is as well responsible for transmitting the data to the records of bank database.

Multiple advantages of the iPhone – the some reasons why you should be the possessor of one of them

April 24, 2018

iPhone is known as among the finest in its category. Consumers are ready to pay big money for this yet at the same time to order the china clones just to own it, inspite of the fact it really is not really authentic. The design along with characteristics iPhone are typically well over every the admiration, it’s no surprise that it contains so many followers all over the world. The popularity of the phone can be easily explained as it contains a great number of various positive factors, like original iPhone games plus programs.

If you will decide on chinese iPhone you will not have the capability to entirely take pleasure in an original user interface of the list as well as all the applications. It really is wonderful to hold a genuine iPhone with you to check out the key difference. Anybody may be able to deliver an sms or simply call, things are all simple and also instinctive. With no complicated choices, additional solutions, needless features. It’s easy and also logical.

Pay attention to the design of the display detector. While, the duplicate of the mobile phone will cost you less nevertheless it really do not possess this particular bonus. The original iPhone will allow you to select the required app or perhaps iPhone games along with the smallest touching of one’s fingertips. You will definitely get an emotion that the iPhone is certainly reading through your thoughts. Aside from, making use of the Multi touch technologies you’ll be allowed to enhance the photo or even a web page in the browser easily with only two fingertips.

Absolutely, a large screen ought to be taken into account, the actual size of 3,5 inches. Regarding the latest apple news, the designers guarantee that iPhone 5, which we will be capable to view before long, will have the screen of 4 inches. A mobile phone such as that assist you not only to create text messages or simply view images, but also watch movies and television channels. iPhone provides the accelerometer and tilt sensor. For many who hold this excellent phone within their palms the very first time this approach has got to be phenomenon. You could quite easily move from the panorama regime to the picture one simply because phone is actually doing anything attainable in order that its owner feels more comfortable.

Few ideas in regards to the longevity, iPhone will be able to serve you for decades and perhaps even your grandchildren will still be able to utilize this phone. It’s touch screen is actually reliably protected with the hardened glass. Scratches won’t be the case by it. Quite a few users even make an attempt to drown it for little bit however it yet still lasted. Undoubtedly, it refers to the authentic mobile phones solely. All the clones of iPhone will cost you significantly less but are a whole lot worse in the means of performance. Moreover all kinds of things claimed over you will additionally enjoy great number of iPhone games of any type you would like. This specific smart phone supplies you with numerous capabilities along with the lengthy kind of functionality such as hardly any other.

How To Make Your Koi Pond Predator-proof

April 24, 2018

If you have a Koi pond, warding off herons and other predatory birds can be very annoying. Most Koi fish ponds owners encounter this problem during early spring and summer. If you have an unprotected garden pond or Koi pond in your backyard, predatory birds and land animals will make your expensive fish as their main course. That is why you have to make your Koi garden pond predator-proof. Here are some simple ways to keep away predators from your Koi fish ponds.

Install a Floating Mesh

Installing a floating mesh on your garden pond is one of the best ways to protect your Koi fish. A UV resistant floating mesh is widely available in hobby and home gardening stores and it is affordable. No one will also notice that there is a floating mesh on your Koi pond because it would be invisible from afar. The good thing is that a protective mesh will prevent birds and land animals from snatching the fish on your Koi fish ponds. Predators will not be able to reach through the mesh to eat your Koi.

Use Gadgets for Protection

Traditional scarecrows are not very effective in scaring off predatory birds especially if they get used to them. Furthermore, land animals like cats and dogs are not afraid of scarecrows. What you can do is to use latest technologies in warding off air and land predators. These gadgets are not very expensive and they can be very useful in protecting your Koi fish.

For example, you can use ultrasonic gadgets that makes noise whenever a predatory bird or land animal approach your garden pond. The ultrasonic noise can only be heard by animals so the gadget will not disturb anyone except those predators who are eyeing the fish on your Koi pond
. You can also install automatic water squirts around your Koi fish ponds to scare away cats and dogs that will try to fish on your garden fish pond.

Build Underwater Fish Cages

You can create an underwater sanctuary where the Koi fish can hide if it detects danger. These sanctuaries are usually called Koi houses and they are made from mesh cages. The cages should have large opening so that the Koi fish can easily slide in to hide. This anti predator solution however may not be effective against wily and swift flying birds.

Create Natural Barriers

Plants, vegetation and rocks can serve as good protection against predators. You have to use these natural barriers to make your Koi pond predator-proof. Rocks and other solid decorative objects around your garden pond can deter land predators. On the other hand, water plants and lilies in Koi fish ponds can shield your fish from predatory birds.

Protection against Unseen Predators

Parasites are also predators and they are more dangerous because you can not see them. Fish parasites can cause diseases that could lead to fish kills. You have to install biological filters in the waterways of your pond in order to maintain good water quality. Filters are very effective in preventing any outbreak of fish parasites.

Get Safe, Affordable & Reliable Iphone Screen Repair Miami

April 23, 2018

For residents of Miami, it is a relief to know that it is not difficult to get safe, affordable and reliable ipad repair Miami as well as iPhone screen repair Miami. Having one of these gadgets is often a source of pride and joy. These gadgets look smart and are capable of doing so much more than you can even imagine. Its not surprising then that anyone who owns any of these gadgets would be totally hooked onto it.

Unfortunately, however carefully you use your gadget, mistakes can happen. The screen can break when you drop the device on the hard concrete floor or even if you bang it against a wall. If the impact is too much, it would also damage the internal working. If the iphone screen is broken you will have to look for iPhone screen repair Miami, whereas if the inner mechanism gets damaged you are going to need an ipad repair Miami. In either case, what you will need to look for is a reliable, authorized service centre that employs only technicians who are qualified in repairing Apple products. These qualified technicians are the most reliable when it comes to repairing any such device by Apple.

When you are looking for an Apple certified service center, the best place to start your search is online. There are several advantages to looking online. For a start, you will be able to get the exact location and contact details of the company. This is save you hours that would otherwise be necessary if you were to go from one service center to another.

Once you have shortlisted the service centers that are closest to you, you can then start to make comparisons between them. Some of the criteria you should consider when making your choice are:

Does the company only hire Apple qualified staff? You do not want to deal with any service center that does not have staff trained in Apple devices. This is most important or else you may end up with a gadget that is totally ruined.

When you check online, you will see that many companies also have an online support team who will do their best to answer all your questions and try and help you out with your problem. They will ask you questions to try and ascertain what exactly is the problem with your device and will trouble shoot and help you out with probable solutions. If none of these solutions work then of course you have no other alternative but to send in your device to be repaired.

Whether you are looking for ipad repair Miami or iPhone screen repair Miami, the service company will first diagnose the device to determine what the inherent problems. Sometimes, it may seem like just the screen is broken because the device fell down but there could also be some internal damage that is invisible. The technician will only be able to give you an accurate estimate after taking a look at the gadget personally. Once they have fixed your ipad or iphone, you should check if they will offer a limited warranty too.