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Fraudulent Iphone Insurance Claims Rise During New Iphone Model Launch

September 30, 2018

iPhone Insurance companies are fighting back against those customers who claimed that they had lost their new iPhone. Unfortunately, some iPhone insurance companies did not provide full protection in the event that their iPhone is lost. That is why when an iPhone user finds themselves in the situation where they had misplaced their iPhone, most of them take the decision to claim that their iPhone had been stolen. This is because they can make a claim on their iPhone insurance policy. Informing your insurance company that your iPhone had been stolen could be a real thorn for them.
Unfortunately, this may not be the case anymore. iPhone insurance companies are now doing their best in trying to seek out customers whom they believe that are making a false claim by stating that their iPhone has been stolen. Many iPhone insurance companies nowadays have more intelligent strategies to check if their customers have claimed an item has been stolen. They hire trained advisers to ask claimants certain questions about the alleged theft. Also how and when it took place. These trained advisers are trained to notice the same occurring patterns that are very common amongst false insurance claims.
But unfortunately, there are many iPhone users seem to be unaware that making a false claim will lead to a criminal conviction. That must be a real wake up call for those people who had a habit of making false claims that their iPhones, laptops were stolen. They would certainly have a criminal record and these might affect their future like when they have plans in applying for a job.

This is not just for iPhone insurance but it is also applicable for home insurance products, laptops and those things that have insurance. Insurance companies or providers are now turning to a zero tolerance with this type of offence. IPhone insurance companies require now a Police incident number before they can start processing your iPhone insurance claim. And in order for you to get a Police incident number, you have to make sure that you will have to report your iPhone as stolen to the Police and then make a statement to that effect. The Police now are also involved with insurance fraud of this nature. In this case, you are not just making your own criminal conviction for insurance fraud, but also this scenario could even get you into jail. This is all because your iPhone insurance company did not cover you for the loss of your iPhone.

Online Photo Editing and Deep Etching at Super Fast and Cheap

September 30, 2018

Dark rooms and chemical developing techniques may have become past times in the age of digital photography and photo editing, but advancements in technology mean more room for innovation and the ability to manipulate images. One popular method of photo editing involves what is known as deep etching. Using this technique means removing an object from its original background. Deep etching allows you compartmentalize photographs and isolate images. For example, you could take a simple picture of a leaf lying on the ground and deep etch the leaf from its background leaving you free to impose that image on a different photo or simply a different background. Deep etching is a straightforward concept that is now easy to execute, thanks to technology. Ultimately, the ability to deep etch objects means that the designer has greater freedom and is not limited by the boundaries of the original photograph.

Another benefit of advancements in photo editing is that technology has made these techniques readily available to amateur photographers and designers through simple to learn programs like Photoshop. Learning how to deep etch is as easy as completing a readily available tutorial through any popular photo editing program. Aspiring digital artists and designers will also be happy to learn that there is a thriving online community of other artists who are happy to offer advice and instruction. There are three different recommended techniques that will allow you to successfully deep etch an image. Each one involves a certain attention to detail and a willingness to be meticulous. It isnt as simple as pointing and clicking just yet, but a little patience will go a long way in this case. As far as choosing the best way to deep etch, every expert seems to have their own favorite. Luckily, information and guidance is readily available and all the options can be easily explored and experimented with, leaving you to decide which technique works best based on your project and abilities. It seems that the open exchange of knowledge speaks not only to the passion of these artists, but also to the manner in which new ideas and techniques and spread and perpetuated.

Mastering the art of deep etching may take some time, but learning the technique and completing your first deep etch can be accomplished in less than an hour. This means that the average person with a digital camera and a computer has the opportunity to learn deep etching and apply advanced online photo editing techniques to their own work, whether it be family photos or small business publications. Photography and design is no longer limited by what the photographer can capture through their lens at a particular moment. Digital photography and photo editing has also taken away some of suspense of developing your photos. You can instantly see the results of your shot and avoid the expense of reshoots or wasted film. So while there may be a few hold outs, who enjoy the nostalgia of the dark room and feel of loading film into a camera, the era of digital photography is here and it is available to everyone.

Android Os Advancing The Mobile Technology

September 29, 2018

New operating systems are necessary to keep up with the demands of today’s users. Mobile phones available right now work on a few such systems like Java, Symbian, Flash, an exclusive OS like the ones utilised by the iPhone and the Windows seven phone.

The most progressive pparticipant in the cell telephone OS market is the Android OS. It’s an open source operating software developed by Google along with other tech corporations. The Android operating system is superb for the tech world and here are the reasons why.

Less expensive mobile products
A chunk of the mobile telephone cost is the O. S. Unless the phone uses special devices and materials like camera lens similar to pro cameras or dear metals for the body, the hardware cost may not amount to a significant value since production costs are going down because of more recent technologies. The free Android OS allows the telephone costs to go down because a gigantic portion of the price isn’t applicable .

Improving Technology
Mobile systems have continuously become better and faster. The advent of this new OS will certainly allow the development of better service and features to the final user. Users should be excited with the chance of larger adventure – like the 90s when we initially began to enjoy SMS, MMS, etc .

Better Services
We’re all acquainted with the iPhone’s ability to allow 3rd party programmers to develop applications, the Android OS is not different as it also inspires other programmers to develop the technology. This allows the end users to enjoy more modern and better applications and will certainly increase the phone’s value. At the end, you’ll get more than you paid for.

Google Products
most of use Google services like Gmail and Google Documents, having an Android device will make this experience more pleasant and pleasurable. With the increasing renown of Google products you may be warranted you are getting onto a good team.

These top reasons make the Android phones a wanted product that will surely make a massive impact on the mobile industry. There are already several brilliantly designed Android phones available in the market, and these phones are getting better and cost less each quarter.

Dish Network DVR and HDTV Receiver

September 28, 2018

Dish network brings you the best quality satellite TV entertainment. No matter what you like to watch on TV you can find a choicest variety of your favorite programs on dish TV. There are a plethora of channels that offer you quality entertainment from different domains including sports, movies, news and other forms of entertainment.

The emergence of HD TV has given the TV entertainment a whole new dimension. Now you can watch a wide array of dish programming with amazing visual clarity. With the improvement of satellite TV you can now not only watch the dish network programming but also can record the shows now. The dish TV DVR system helps you in the same. With a proper HDTV DVR system you can now record your HD TV shows and enjoy them at your convenience.

DISH Network offers a unique dish TV device that can actually facilitate your dish TV viewing. The device is a combination DVR or digital video recorder and an HDTV receiver. However, this unique combination device does not come for free. You need to pay a small amount of money in order to get this amazing device for your dish TV.

With a dish TV DVR cum HDTV receiver you can perform all the functions of the HDTV receivers. You can get an integrated tuner for both high definition and over-the-air reception of satellite TV signal. Along with this you can also get an electronic program guide that comes with navigation on screen. This allows you to see what is on satellite TV. Through this device you can also activate the parental lock and prevent your kids from watching contents not suitable for them. You can also get the interactive TV features with the help of which you will get to watch six programs at the same point of time along with other things.

In addition to the HDTV receiver features you can also enjoy a host of other features with this Dish Network DVR/HDTV receiver. The device can also perform the functions of a DVR system. You can record up to 200 hours of your favorite shows with this device. You may also record up to 30 hours of your favorite HD programming. With this device you can record two shows simultaneously. While recording the shows you can independently watch television programs as well.

With this device you can also pause while watching live TV and resume the action when you are ready. This way you will never again miss a single second of an important event. With the picture in picture feature of the device you can watch two different shows at the same time as well. This device also allows you to watch as well as to record two different programs on two different TV sets.

If you want crystal clear picture and the best sound when you watch satellite TV then the HDTV receiver is what you are looking for. But if you want to record those HD programs and watch them at your convenience then the Dish Network DVR/HD receiver is your best bait.

Smart Glass Technology for Innovative Interiors

September 27, 2018

Smart Glass Technology has given construction contractors, engineers, architects and interiors designers a completely new way to define interior spaces. Smart Glass Panels use low energy electric currents to control the opacity of the glass via manual or automatic triggers. Smart Glass Technology can be used for skylights, doors, windows, dividers and partitions. Ships and planes can utilise a similar application to Smart Glass but engineered from scratch resistant polycarbonate which is more lightweight.

Whether you are going for the bold futuristic look or an understated modern interior – the ‘openness’ associated with glass elements is an appealing way to increase space. Smart Glass adds to this by allowing you to control privacy levels of defined interior sections with a remote or with the flick of a switch.

Interior application example one: Boardroom

Creating a separate sales or boardroom area with smart glass walls allows you to create spacious interiors which can be switched to privacy mode in an instant. The frosted glass doubles its usefulness by also being an ideal surface for screen projections.

Interior application example two: Featured Display Area for Car Launch

A circular room section containing the new car is installed as a chamber in the centre of the launch room. Guests can be congregate and relax in close proximity to the new product without actually viewing it until the ‘unveiling’. Guests can then view the car from all exterior angles whilst allowing you to control direct access to the product at your discretion.

Interior application example three: Hygienic Room Divider for upmarket Spa

Utilising Smart Glass Technology room dividers allows you to construct eye catching interiors with a clever use of light. Privacy on demand is complimented by the easily cleaned glass panels. No need to worry about fussy blinds and curtains.

Products using Smart Glass Technology provide significant benefits to end-users. These benefits include:

– Immediate Control of light.
– Improvement in users’ comfort, health and privacy.
– Greater security.
– Energy savings through reduced cooling and lighting costs.
– Cost-effectiveness and functional relative to solar shading or other smart window technologies.
– Durability – solid state technology with no moving parts.
– Protection of people and interior furniture and other valuable items from UV damage.
– Exceptional optical qualities.

This technology is available from a variety of suppliers but you will need to be watch out for the companies who promise to add smart glass laminates to existing glass surfaces. Laminates have a shorter lifespan and are less effective than glass panels which are manufactured with the electrochromatic layers in mind from the very beginning

Download the latest version of Charles 2015

September 27, 2018

Charles is an HTTP proxy, monitor and reverse proxy that enables developers to view HTTP and SSL traffic coming from and to their machine. Web browsers access the internet through this software so that users can diagnose excess traffic and fix the problem.

In terms of time efficiency, debugging is as fast and reliable as possible. Features include SSL Proxying, useful to view SSL requests in plain text; bandwidth throttling simulating latency and other slow connection malfunctions; AJAX debugging; AMF – displaying contents of Flash Remoting or Flex Remoting as a tree.

Back-end changes can be tested through repeated requests. Different inputs are also verifiable by editing requests. HTML, CSS and RSS responses are validated using the W3C checker.

Every feature comes out of the box, system and browser proxy settings being auto configured.

Download Charles program has served a lot of fans of the game Happy Farm on Facebook and used the happy farm owners Charles program to increase Dahab and the dinar is the program Wonder of all standards work Charles program on the happy farm in Facebook development is fast and helps Elixir of needs required by the game Happy Farm So Charles program has become a major importance for Facebook users and especially for those who are playing the game Happy Farm, but there are a lot of people do not know how to use a program Charles legend at the speed of development and enlarge the happy farm properly and also a lot wants to explain how to use the happy farm program or 2014 program Charles But the way you use Charles program is very Sahlh way and there are many sites explain how the increase Dahab and Aldneijer the happy farm, and there are also explain how to use Charles program is available many explain Sgrat happy farm, but we do not Bodg one Sgrat happy farm due to the violation of the policy of Google, and each looking for a download 2014 Charles program easy download free offer him Charles software latest version for free, but you may need some software you need, such as Internet Download Manager software for easy download Charles program and may need to speed up the net program that doubles the speed of the Internet is important for those who suffer from the net Slow and important programs that should their presence so that they can play the happy farm and use Charles software is Java program and also Flash Player also recommend that you use Firefox or Google Chrome program to Tstmtau game Happy Farm better

Charles Proxy is a web proxy and monitoring tool developed to help you record and display all the sent and received packets on your computer. This is also a very good tool for website developers because the user can see what is sent and received between the browser and the server. This helps to easily find, diagnose and fix the issues. Features include: – SSL Proxying ? view SSL requests and responses in plain text – Bandwidth Throttling to simulate slower Internet connections including latency – AJAX debugging ? view XML and JSON requests and responses as a tree or as text – AMF view the contents of Flash Remoting / Flex Remoting messages as a tree

Charles download free 2015

Download Charles 2015 free from here

The comparison among the HTC One and the apple iphone 4S

September 26, 2018

The HTC One is the incredible innovation from HTC and is a novel flagship gadget which was declared just few days back. The gadget possesses plenty of great and unique features that would naturally attract the attention of users. On the other side there is Apple iphone 4s which is amongst the best selling iphone till now and is very much admire due to its outstanding performance. On comparing the features of both the superb gadgets is quite interesting so let’s see. The HTC gadget is quite cool and a finished handset and is accessible in Black, Red and silver colors.

On the other side the Apple $S is similar to the iphone 4 but is still a cool looking handset in the market. This handset is accessible in white and black options and possesses a circled edged metallic unibody. The HTC gadget is accessible in 32 and 64GB inbuilt storage both of them would offer a great space but it has only one disadvantage that it does not possess the micro SD card support. Whereas the Apple handset comes with 16, 32, 64 GB in built storage but this handset also does not have the micro SD card support. The One jog on the most recent Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system and now it is upgraded towards the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

It also has a HTC Sense UI v5 that provides you the exclusive and special feel of HTC. On the hand the Apple handset jogs on iOS6 and according t the company this is the best mobile operating system in the world. You would find a new fangled Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset and is power driven by the 1.7GHz Krait 300 quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. The apple iphone 4s possess Apple A5 chipset and this chipset possess a 1GHz dual core cortex a9 processor along with 512 MB RAM.

There is a major difference among the hardware of both the handsets and the HTC possess the best RAM and processor. The display of HTC one x deals is capacitive and touch screen along 4.7 inches size. Its screen resolution is 10801920 pixels along with 469ppi pixel density. It has the highest pixel density accessible in any handset or tablet till now in the market and is protected by Corning gorilla Glass 2. Whereas the iphone 4S possess a 3.5 inches wide retina display along with a resolution of 960×640 at 326 ppi. It also has a Corning Gorilla glass for protection and the oleo phobic coating.

There is a lot more to choosing the best HTC One S deals and HTC One V deals with right information and latest technology features. Find more info please visit :

suservice.exe application error – How to diagnose suservice.exe error effectively

September 25, 2018

The Suservice.exe application error is a very annoying computer errors that almost all computer users will come across when using the computer. Soon after it appears, it will greatly slow down your computer and make some certain programs to run improperly. But don’t be so upset! In this article, I will show you detailed information on what causes Suservice.exe errors and how to fix them effectively.

What is suservice.exe application error?

Suservice.exe application error is a common PC error that is originated from Suservice.exe process which is an extremely important system process in Windows operating system due to it is used to invoke .dll files to perform certain tasks and install the libraries into your system’s memory. Suservice.exe error is principally caused by memory issue, driver issue, system32 errors, registry issues and malware attacks. If your computer is in the trouble of suservice.exe error, we sincerely suggest you make a comprehensive scan for your computer with a suservice.exe error fixer on your computer.

Why do you need to fix suservice.exe application error?

Suservice.exe error is a common but terrible .exe error due to it may lead to the problems below:
Dynamic-link library file errors
System32 errors
System sluggish problems
Computer freezes
Blue Screen of Death errors
Randomly threaten your CPU performance
Runtime error 429, runtime error 217 and runtime error 10
Driver update failure
System reboots failure How to diagnose suservice.exe error instantly?

Till now, the most effective and instant way to diagnose suservice.exe application error is to free download and install a highly user-friendly and absolutely powerful suservice.exe error fixer on your computer. This powerful tool comes equipped with a series of comprehensive PC error detection utilities that can provide you with professional solutions to safely, instantly and totally fix suservice.exe error and its related errors.

So, no matter which type of Suservice.exe error your are experiencing, Suservice.exe unspecified error or high cpu usage Suservice.exe errors , you can simply download and run this registry repair freeware right now! Trust me! It will return you a complete error-free computer within minutes.

The Difference Between A Workstation And An Office Desk

September 25, 2018

Work environments are very important as they lend to quality and enrichment of job performance. The entity that holds the projects that we work on and the given space that we need for completion of these tasks is also significant. While some people favour the traditional office desk, others are more open to the trendier computer station/desk.

With so many desks on the market and available for the picking, it is hard sometimes to make a quick decision on what is best for the user. This is why it is so important to sort through exactly how much space will be use for computer equipment, papers, telephone, and other working supplies.

Another point to ponder is that if you are considering using the piece as a part of your room dcor, then you need to consider how comfortable they are (ergonomically too), compatibility, quality, durability, and also your own taste; whether or not it will be modern, classic, etc. Whichever you choose, each type of desk comes with individual distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Computer station/desk. When considering computer desks, you will find that this market is filled with desks that are room enhancers, stylish and versatile with a modern design. A computer desk saves a lot of floor and wall space compared to a standard desk. Most of these type desks have to be assembled and tend to be multi-levelled, in some cases ranging from a single, up to seven levels. They are also multi- compartmental. These desks are developed to hold almost anything that is computer-elated. But because of all these tangible features, the desk is left sometimes with lesser work space, which can impede work performance.

Office desk. In oppositions to computer station/desk, most office desks, which are sometimes referred to as your traditional desks, mostly comes in some type of woodwork with a finished stain. These desks are usually much larger than the computer desk and can be classic or modern. They are single level and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The office desks are built with room to accommodate high tech equipment, such as computers, with plenty of additional room storage and for space to work. The office desks are most likely more expensive than the computer desk but the durability cannot be questioned.

Selecting the right desk is one of the most important parts of setting up an office space. While they both have their differences, determine what your needs are and which type of desk will best benefit you.

Features And Benefits Of Vacation Tracking Software

September 24, 2018

A vacation tracking software is more than a software that stops your staffs from abusing time offs, it also helps in several ways; It helps you automate your leave management, centralize you staff time off data, saves time, and money. It is easy-to-use web based vacation scheduling software that is far more superior than your regular Microsoft word excel document. The software can help you track your employees PTO and simplify your confusing leave management system. With this software, you can get an instant overview of your companys leave and this allows you take note of who is absent by a day, week or month. The software helps you customize who can see what on the companys calendar, and allows your employees book their leave online.

The leave management system comes with several vacation schedule templates that perform a number of functions. It can be integrated into the Google calendar and Microsoft outlook and this means you can display your leave date calendars within other calendars, and with this software you can integrate other applications into your organizations API. Other extra features you can find on the employee vacationtracking template include; ability to generate internal reports, capability to generate data in order to create payroll, and design widgets that has the capability to work with other apps. The active directory support offer on this software allows your staffs to log-in unto the network. It is scalable and easy-to-use.

Key features of the absence tracking software
Ability to set restrictions to the number of users on absence per day
This feature allows you to perform bulk user updates, and that means you can also set different calendar year start dates for each user. You can apply a colourizer on the calendar based on user categories. You can also personalize the software by uploading your organization logo on the user interface, likewise you can set time-off , holiday reminders and pending vacation requests. You can upload a CSV file to create multiple user requests at a time, likewise you can get notification when staffs take more days off as sick leave.

Vacation scheduling software is scalable and easy-to-use
The vacation time tracker is 100% web based application that is secured, and also comes with an easy-to-use interface. It is scalable in the sense that it can be adjusted to suit any company depending on size. You can make use of the account checkup checklist when you are setting up the software.

It provides automatic Accruals
The software provides vacation accrual features that allow users to accrue vacation balance by days, weeks, or months. You can simply set automatic accruals on employees depending on their number of time offs, and you may also set accruals to run indefinitely until the maximum allowable limit is reached.

It provides great feedback reporting
Vacation time tracker software exports and print feedbacks in CSV or PDF format for easy sharing and data storage. Reports are generated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly depending on your preferences. You can simply use the PTO software to check time-off balances and time-off requests. The software can also provide valuable reports for each department in the company. Information from the software can be exported in different formats for further analysis.

Vacation scheduling software prevents errors and eliminates staff abuses
Aside its capability to work as employee Vacation Pay software, Vacation Tracking software can simply approve, reject or cancel any time off request submitted by an employee. It also audits all time off taken by employees, it allows you to set when an employee can request more time out when limits have been exceeded, and all rejected, approve or cancelled time-offs can be sent to employee emails.

Other uses provided by employee vacation software include; provision of a central location for Data Integrity, protection of data from any third party, Real time calendar views for time off dates, and simplified employee time-off Visualization.