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Kigo Video Converter Pro upgraded to a new version V7.0.1

October 31, 2018

Summary: Kigo Video Converter Pro has updated to a new version V7.0.1 with a lot of updates on Jan 10, 2014. Kigo Video Converter Pro has updated to a new version V7.0.1 on Jan 10, 2014. The version has the listed updates in the following: Fix some bugs. Support the new disc conversion. Newly add preset for Samsung Galaxy Note III/Samsung Galaxy S IV, Apple Lossless. Adjust the default SreenRecord FPS to 15. Add a built-in video effects (Edit – Effects). Support audio conversion. Add the VideoConvert settings in the preference. a. Support passthrough of AC3, while ripping DVD to Apple TV 1/2/3. b. Support mp4 files 2-pass-encoding conversion. c. Support adding mp4 hint and flat. d. Support De-interlace conversion and preview. Drag and drop to add files and double-click the file to add to the converting list automatically.

Kigo Video Converter is pro verison of all-in-one video converter, dvd ripper, video editor, dvd creator and online video downloader. Whether standard videos, HD / SD videos, dvd files or downloaded online videos, you can convert them to MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, SWF, MPG, MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC. WMA and more with perfect quality and high speed on Mac. With Kigo Video Converter Pro, you can rip any DVDs to the popular video formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP and so on. You can also convert any audio files as you like. With Kigo Video Converter Pro, you can also download the websites videos from kinds of video websites, like Youtube, Facebook, google videos,, and other hot video website. In addition, with the built-in DVD Creator, you can burn any SD/HD videos into DVD disc or DVD Folder and customize DVD with free yet gorgeous DVD menu as you like. More information you can find via: /video-converter-pro-mac/index.html About KVC Inc: KVC Inc. is a software development company with expertise and experiences in video and audio converting and editing applications. Our products are known for high quality, excellent performance, reasonable prices and perfect after-sales service, and have won the overwhelming majority of the user’s trust and support. KVC Inc has launched a series of video and dvd converting and editing tools, with them, you can make full use of your videos and have more fun. free softwares like Kigo Video Converter Free for Mac as well as for Win. Press Contact: Name: May Sue Address: 434 Carleton St Lakeland, FL, United States of America Zip code: 33083 Email: Website:

Cloud Computing Versus On-premise – Pros And Cons

October 31, 2018

There is a lot of conversation round the benefits of cloud computing these days, nevertheless for most folks their knowledge of cloud computing in the Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management sphere is at best, well, cloudy.

Here are a few tips to help you identify the pros and cons of cloud computing for your organization and help you get started managing growth today.

Crucial considerations to reflect on when making a decision between cloud computing or on-premise server solutions are opening cost, continuing cost, IT team, security, effects of downtime, and competitive advantage resulting from customizations.

Pros of Cloud Computing:

A technique to cut preliminary cost and get in the game for sizable solutions
You do not want your own server
You do not want your own IT team

Cons of Cloud Computing:

Dependent on internet connectivity – if the internet is off-line, you are off-line
Bigger costs over the long term – comparable to renting vs. buying an automobile
Problematic or unable to get any advantage from customizations to the software since the customization paradigm is generally not possible in cloud computing
Increased security danger as the data is stored with other companies data

Cloud computing is ideal for smaller businesses with inadequate resources that want out-of-the-box functionality and may well still do things manually if the internet was ever off-line for a period of time. On-premise servers are ideal for larger businesses which enjoy customized systems to get market advantages to put them ahead of their competition, or for businesses with mission-critical applications which they cannot afford to be lacking for a period of time.

Xoom Singapore Price Motorolas New Tablet

October 30, 2018

A lot of the tech savvy Singaporeans ask the Motorola Xoom Singapore price because of the big promise that this gadget has given to the public. With its wonderful features and sleek design, getting the Xoom as soon as possible, and hopefully without breaking the bank, is a must. The war of the tablets has just begun. There have been a lot of models released recently by different manufacturers and a lot of people might think that Motorola is just hopping on the bandwagon.

It is more than just hopping on whats popular for Motorola because their Xoom is reviewed to be one of the most promising gadgets of the year with its very competitive Xoom Singapore price. Motorola Xoom is the first gadget to utilize Googles Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

With this, it will be a pioneer in faster than light processing and many other capabilities that some other tablets have not done before. It also has a 10.1 inch screen with a 1280 x 800 resolution touchscreen. With this, more capabilities are unlocked and more possibilities can be done. It has a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 to provide crisp images that we all have wanted since then. Motorola Xoom is a gadget that is so packed with a lot of features that some analysts think that it can move people from using their laptops to using tablets altogether.

It is a trend that Motorola is trying to bank on by giving the public the best tablet that they can muster and roughing it up against the iPad. The Motorola Xoom Singapore price is a big question for all as its many features can be the biggest factor in its price. Is it worth it? The Motorola Xoom Singapore price is a combination of its awesome features mentioned above as well as fast user interface, long battery life, and multimedia usability. One setback can be the fact that it is the first gadget to use Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb and as well as for any first timers, there can be some bugs in it still. Overall though, it seems to be a very promising gadget that can be a break from the hype of the iPad, much more so for those who do not have much preference on Apple products. At the moment, the Motorola Xoom will be sold at US$799. Although this looks like such a steep price, most especially when it is compared to the iPad, it still is a gadget worth buying for its incredible features and extreme usability. The tablets are here to stay and the Motorola Xoom is a great buy in itself. With its sleek design, fast user interface and pioneer operating system, it sure is a gadget that will be so difficult not to have. Its set release date in Singapore and in other parts of Asia is not sure yet however, it is a much anticipated gadget this first quarter of 2011.The Motorola Xoom Singapore price of $799 might be a big price to pay but for the gadget that it is, it certainly can be worth it!

Dragon Academy – Fun Puzzle Adventure Game for Android

October 29, 2018

If you like dragon just as much as I truly do probably you previously play many dragon breed and also hatching game at Facebook as well as Android. Nevertheless, if you want to play different things and more simple and also entertaining game on your Android mobile phone well then Dragon Academy is exactly what you are looking for. Generally the game is a straightforward puzzle game only having dragon on it. Along with numerous shiny crystals you will meet and grow your pretty creature into more powerful one. This game has plenty of fun things you can do for sure, let’s look at what the game provides under.


Quite simply, Dragon Academy is a straightforward 3 match making puzzle game in which you must match up 3 crystals in the same color to gain a point. Next to the fun puzzle into it, you will also help lots of hatch dragon plus feed all of them with rune that you obtain through the puzzle, once you’ve feed them enough rune or crystal you’ll then make the creature bigger and also have more powerful power. There are many dragons having special ability such as fire breath, lighting, ice, and even more. The simplest way to get the runes and complete the level is create chain combos to remove several crystals at the same time.

Even if this game is quite easy to learn, it’s pretty challenging to master all the combo and proper way to solve the puzzle. As soon as you progress through lots of levels, even more dragons will be unlocked and you could hatch them to make them bigger and much more powerful. The ability has unique effect when it applied to the crystals. For example, if you’re using the fire breath all the red crystal will be gone and it will make everything easier to solve.

The graphic is a nice 2D cartoon with lovable character into it, as you are enjoying the puzzle you can see your dragon towards the bottom ready to be feed with their cute look. Several dragons has various appearances and design and when it grow bigger, you can see some cool creature for sure. There are several power up that you can get , those power up can provide combos and also explosion on the crystal to score a huge points. Dragon academy is really a entertaining puzzle game and adventure game; you can view and gather so many dragons with different look as well as skill. If you’re interested, you are able to grab this game on Google Play for free.

Rendy Rembana is one of the author at Paseban Portal. Covering information, review and tips about Mobile Apps and Games

Download TV Online CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX TV- Get TV on PC

October 29, 2018

Download Free Internet TV Software

How can I watch CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN and BBC TV Channels on my computer? You can now watch TV channels and shows online from your PC. There are cheap and quality computer softwares that enable you to record and watch TV shows on your PC. The computer TV softwares have received a lot of positive reviews in enabling personalize TV watching at home or office.

Get Network Digital and Satellite TV on Your PC for Free

Can u watch real live TV on the internet? There are now many ways that you can watch live TV from major network TV stations in North America and over 70 other countries around the world. A lot of people are now downloading special software that turns their computer into an instant super TV. Some of these satellite TV softwares for computers have over 3000 TV channels from around the world.

The TV stations are aired in over 40 different languages including the North American TV stations like CBS, FOX, NBC, CNN, ABC, and many others. You will even be able to get to watch internet TV champions television.

Watch TV Shows and Episodes for Free on the Internet

There many ways on how to watch movies on the internet on your TV without necessarily buying the expensive dish or cable packages. One of the most popular computer packages that is retailing online is the PC 2007 Elite Edition. The elite 2007 edition software offers a wide variety of free to air TV channels that you can enjoy on your PC.

I have now tried at least 3 of the most popular satellite softwares and I think the elite edition 2007 has more advantages. The software has a better reception as compared to the others. The picture and sound quality is also equally high; a factor that is quite tricky for internet TV.

Can I Watch Local TV Through Internet on my PC?

Yes. You can actually watch most of your countrys free to air TV channels using the satellite TV softwares. The softwares usually come with a wide selection of TV channels for your enjoyment.

One of the satellite PC TV softwares comes with TV channels from over 70 countries around the world including English sports, news and movie channels from north America. Most importantly is that some of these TV stations are aired in different languages depending on the country they originate. They have TV channels in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and a host of over 40 other world languages.

A small start up payment of $50 is all that you will have to pay and you can watch free internet TV forever. Please visit my website and click on the beautiful girl banner at the top to download the software and watch satellite TV in 2 minutes flat.

Factors That Affect The Decision Of Buying A Computer Cabinet

October 28, 2018

It is not an exaggeration to say that no home is complete without computers. It therefore becomes imperative for you to get a computer cabinet. This task requires knowledge and research.

You may find a lot of these cabinets online or may even get a good look at the options available in furniture and second hand stores, but the detailing is a little more complicated. This choice mainly depends on what material you prefer. Once you have that in mind, think about the structure; whether it should be space effective or stylish. Also take into consideration, the place where the computer cabinet will be set. All these factors affect your decision while you buy a desk for your computer.

A computer cabinet can be made from a variety of material. It can be of wood, steel, wrought iron, or mixed material. You can opt for one based on your budget and style needs. Next, you need to zero down on the size. The size of the cabinet depends on space required by the computer based on its size and space for the computer accessories and any additions that you intend to do in near future to the accessories. Once you have a fair idea of all these, it will be easy for you estimate the length and breadth of the table that you want to buy. Make sure that you decide the depth of the table too considering fitment of the machine securely. It should not be jutting out, as this could displace the computer with a little collision.

After you make a note of these points, turn to check the decor of the room where you will place the computer cabinet. If it is your personal room, then suit is accordingly. However, if you are contemplating to furnish a workstation, then it would be wise to choose something that matches the room and the other furniture already present. Try something that is sleek, and not too flashy. This factor actually affects your choice of material.

Now when you have got your priorities right, and you are scouring shops for that perfect computer cabinet, get a feel of the table. You primary objective for getting this desk is to make your work easy and relaxing while you are at your computer. If you do not feel comfortable sitting at it, then the basic objective is lost. Suit the desk according to your height so that your legs are not crouched under it or are hanging from your chair leading you to feel pins and needles in your feet. Make sure that you can see the computer screen properly so that you do not have to strain your back or eyes.

All set till this point, now go ahead and take a look at the price tags. There is a computer cabinet to suit every budget. It is your job to find the one that suits all your needs and is also easy on your pocket. While it is always good to go for new and first hand cabinets, there are dealers who have almost perfect cabinets that are second hand. But do not commit the mistake of settling for the cheapest option. This will save you the expenditure for the first time, but you might have to incur expenditure to fix it in the near future.

Into the World of Luxe Smartphones

October 27, 2018

Who said that phones can’t be a luxury? The generation of smartphones has arrived, and many companies have tried to win the hearts of smartphone lovers through various marketing strategies. Throughout the years, the expansion of the capabilities of smartphones has been the major contributor to their growing demand. To top these features off, mobile phone manufacturers have given this everyday gadget oh so luxurious trimmings to make them unique and desirable for the discriminating elite.

With a six-digit price, Dior and Ulysse Nardin Champion have revolutionized the simple smartphone into a status that is worth diamonds. With Dior Reveries Haute Couture and Ulysse Nardin Chairman diamond edition, smartphones are as good and as expensive as a box of jewelry. Not only do they have the latest Android platforms, but they are also bedazzled with precious stones, like diamonds, pearls, and other gems.

If you are so fond of Apple iPhone and you don’t want to settle for any other smartphone brand, you can have the Gresso Lady Blanche iPhone 4 or Goldstatus gold iPhone 5s. These are limited iPhone editions that were handmade and specially modified for you. The former is made up of diamonds with three Swiss watches at the back, featuring the time of three different cities in three different countries, namely Moscow, Paris, and New York. The latter is covered with pure gold. An ounce of gold in the stock market today is $1370, and if that is placed in an iPhone, how much do you think would it be? Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion comes at $29,500. If an Apple iPhone is worth $500, that is almost $29,000 worth of pure gold, which is equivalent to 20 ounces of this metal!

Apple iPhone is simply the crowds favourite. This company has released several products that made the world crazy, including Apple computers, laptops, which include Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, Apple iPad, iPod and Apple iPhone. Over the past years, when phones were only for calling and sending messages, Apple has stood out to revolutionize what a cellphone can do. With the consecutive successful releases of various iPhone models, Apple has really stepped up their game a thousand times higher.

In late 2013, Apple released its latest iPhone and iPad models- iPhone 5s and iPad 5, respectively. Though a lot of controversies met its release, Apple has definitely stood its ground amidst heavy competition.

Apple iPhone 5s is said to be the best iPhone yet, and that is evident in this phones newest features. If there’s something that you have to look for in a smartphone, it has to be the speed. With so many things that you can do with a smartphone, too many applications running and internet browsing, streaming and downloading, speed can definitely be compromised. With an A7 chip, you can do everything with iPhone 5s ultrafast. You don’t only see this feature in iPhone 5s because it is also present in iPad 4.

It has been rumoured that Apple is going to release a phablet, a phone and tablet in one, which is similar to Samsung’s Note series. The truth about this Apple news is yet to be revealed, and all people can do for now is to wait for it.

Apple has really made the hearts of their loyal fans swoon over Apple gadgets- iPhone 5s and iPad 5 with retina display and perfect iSight, and Apple computers now even better with Apple OSX. With great features and functionalities, you can never go wrong with Apple whether you choose to invest in a luxury iPhone or this tech giants stocks.

Sony Ericsson W890i Contracts with Free Gifts- Highly Developed Gadget

October 27, 2018

In current scenario no one is satisfied only with communication with handset. Especially users of present time give priority to the music. Sony Ericsson W890i is for those who give priority to the music as it is embedded with music features includes with media player and FM radio but also requires some added advantage in order to become the best of the lot. Sony Ericsson W890i contracts with free gifts is packed with all possible advantages that will surely provide you with complete entertainment. In it a good quality music player is integrated that is coupled with some exceptional features.

Its play now option allows you to download a lot of music and songs that can be set as the ring tones. It is embedded with some polyphonic ring tones. At the time of listening to the music you can feel it’s the best sound quality for which Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Company is considered the king of mobile world. The users who want to listen to songs with amazing sound quality always give priority to the handset belongs to the Sony Ericsson company.

In this modern handset you will find the option called Sense me which allows you to create the play lists according to the mood and tempo of the tracks. The handset comes with map with two axes on which the rhythm of the songs are shown with some dots.

Any kind of dejection cannot come in to your life if you use Sony Ericsson W890i Contracts with Free Gifts comes with inbuilt FM radio which comes with the enhanced performance of the RDS technology. To get this latest contract mobile phones you have nothing to do except of signing a contract with the network service provider for the certain period. You are free to choose the contract period according to your choice.

Oliver Batham has consumed his life on research and innovative tech. presently; he is working on 3 networks which are associated with latest mobile set such as Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson W890i Contracts with Free Gifts. For the sake of getting information, visit,

Monitor Anyone Using Your Computer with REFOG Keylogger Software

October 26, 2018

It is important for parents to realize that the virtual world can be every bit as dangerous as the real world for children. The Internet is also an extremely valuable tool for communication, education and entertainment. In spite of this, it’s still essential to recognize the fact that there is a darker side to the Internet which you do not want your children getting exposed to. Keylogger software provides parents with an opportunity to monitor their children’s online activities. In addition to parental controls, you can be far more certain of your children’s safety online.

The majority of family homes still do not have adequate monitoring in place. Many children have unrestricted and unmonitored access to the Internet and are free to do whatever they want including visiting sites with inappropriate content or conducting online relationships with people with malicious intentions. Parental control software is important and, while it should always be used on any family computer, it is simply not enough by itself. You also need to have the monitoring in place so that you know exactly what children are up to when they are using the computer. Keylogger software allows you to read messages sent, emails written, websites visited and anything else typed on the keyboard. Parents will be able to view the logs recorded by the software whenever they want and, if anything suspicious is found, they can deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.

Keylogger software is useful not only for monitoring children online; it’s ideal for monitoring absolutely anyone who is using your computer. Whether you want to monitor teenagers, a spouse or staff in the workplace, keylogger software provides you with everything that you need. It’s a truly versatile and powerful solution in the world of computer surveillance.

Keylogger software is almost as effective as looking over the shoulder of the person using the computer. It monitors every activity on the computer, making it a surefire way, for example, to catch a cheating spouse. You’ll quickly see any inappropriate emails or messages sent to a member of the opposite sex. What’s more is that only you, the owner of the computer, will ever need to know that it’s running. The software runs invisibly and does not intervene. It’s also protected by a master password just in case anyone does find out that it’s running in the background.

There are a lot of keylogger solutions in the computer surveillance industry, so it can be a tough choice when it comes to choosing the right one. REFOG Keylogger is a full-featured solution for any computer running Windows. No special knowledge is required to install and set up the program. Within moments, you will have a complete computer surveillance solution in place. In addition to recording every keystroke, REFOG Keylogger also takes screenshots at specified intervals, providing you with a visual history of your computer’s usage. Find out more at the official product homepage at You can purchase and download the keylogger software here.

Best Way To Remove Baby Fat Throw Away Your Gadgets And Aerobic Class

October 25, 2018

After deliver their baby, most women will start to ask around this question: how to lose baby fat? If you have experienced this situation, youll know that with a little research effort such as typing some words in Google or buying several fitness magazines, you will have tons of answers. The problem is more than half of them are junk information that merely served as promotional purpose for certain fitness products or gadgets.

No healthy diet will exclude exercise from its program because it is almost impossible to burn fat without exercise (you can do it with a fasting diet, but youll get many negative side effects from it, especially if youre nursing). However, you will never achieve flat tummy if you let the media brainwash you about this; spot reduction and cardio that youve seen at late night infomercial are no more than tricks to promote their products.

Logically, if you can shed fat by put a fancy gadget around your tummy or arm, youll meet someone with flat stomach and flabby arms or vice versa; but in reality, you never meet such person, right? The question how to lose baby fat cant be answered that easily; you cant expect a tool to do all the hard work for you; it just not works that way.

If spot training wont work, then how do you remove the baby fat? Youll never lose the fat if you aiming for certain spot, but you can do certain exercises to remove all the excess fat on your body simultaneously. That is how you remove unwanted fat and that is why you wont meet someone with flat stomach and flabby arms. For flat stomach, your aim is achieving 16-18% body fat.

How to do that? This lead to the second manufacturers hype: cardio. Youll find the fat burning zone in every treadmill and you are expected to play along with that. Regular cardio and the fat burning zone are offered as the best method to attain flat stomach, but is it really make sense that you can gain such magnificent result with exercise that you can do while watching movie? I dont think so, and the majoritys results have proven it.

The real answer to the question how to lose baby fat definitely is not cardio, but resistance training. This is not the type of exercise that you can do half-heartedly or while doing something else, but the result will be worth the effort and time invested. Compared to standard cardio exercise, an effective resistance training session can burn a lot more calories; not only that, your metabolism will keep elevated long after you finished your workout. A recent research even shows that your metabolism will stay elevated for more than 36 hours after youve done with your training. Another benefit from resistance training is the lean muscle that you develop will raise your resting metabolic rate, thus youll burn fat all day long, even when youre doing nothing. Can an aerobic class gives you that much? I dont think so.

Stay away from any overpromised methods and tools, including gadgets and pills; forget about fat burning zone, throw away that spot reduction mindset, and start put your effort on resistance training. By doing the right thing, youll get rid of that baby fat (and other excess fat all over your body) in no time.